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Nuclear war, loss of rights for the LGBTQ community, mass deportations, chaos, impeachment, collusion, and obstruction. Everyone in the Trump administration being fired yesterday, today,... [Read More]
In 1953, Manning Johnson, a former propaganda director for the Communist Party in America, testified to the U.S. Congress that Marxists had infiltrated Catholic seminaries.... [Read More]
Washington Do I detect a note of desperation in how some of my fellow-Americans discuss how to treat terrorism, specifically the terrorist group ISIS? ISIS... [Read More]
they connect people though online platforms. Often, the sharing economy enables transactions that used to be infeasible, time consuming, or cost prohibitive. Others see the... [Read More]
The 1973 Endangered Species Act has been a costly failure that hasn't protected species or helped them to recover. It has, however, resulted in government... [Read More]
Is it healthy in America for Christianity to be the default punch line of jokes regarding religion, at the same time other belief systems are... [Read More]
It is ratings and vanity, plain and simple. These are two reasons why reporters and "news" organizations are apoplectic about the White House banning cameras... [Read More]
In the past week, two news items came out of the Trump White House that should trouble supporters of the President's populist agenda, and should... [Read More]
The Democrats had the best marketing strategy. Consider their general approach for the half-century ending in Clintonism. Their basic pitch was a Weberian value proposition,... [Read More]
Nobody ever called the late Rodney King a model citizen of Los Angeles. But he gave the world what was likely the most plaintive, plangent... [Read More]
Today, the American Medical Association sent a letter to the leaders of the U.S. Senate announcing its opposition to the Better Care Reconciliation Act of... [Read More]
With constant allegations of Russian hacking and leaks from the Trump administration, one could become immune to claims of intelligence problems. While the accusations of... [Read More]
On June 7th, the 2017 general election yielded a series of unexpected results shifting the political spotlight from Theresa May to her new possible saviors-... [Read More]
While the extremes of contemporary partisanship have grown, there is a curious area of political overlap in the age of Trump: Left and Right have... [Read More]
The United States is gradually being drawn into the war in Syria. That war began as a conflict in which we had no national security... [Read More]
Here's something to consider if you're a disgruntled conservative angry about the Senate's Obamacare replacement bill: Susan B. Anthony was a vehement opponent of the... [Read More]
A flawed "pointillist picture" is how Michiko Kakutani described Rising Star, David J. Garrow's massive (1,460 pages) new biography of Barack Obama, and she's right.... [Read More]
Front page of the New York Times, top of the app screen 'Wednesday Briefing' under the rubric of 'Here's what you need to know to start... [Read More]
(Warning: Spoiler at the end.) Is the next vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court sooner or later? Liberals despair. Trump's "progressive" critics, long champions of... [Read More]
"Send bombers, and turn North Korea into a parking lot." That was my initial knee-jerk reaction when I heard that Otto Warmbier was dead. It... [Read More]
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