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Fighting fires in Idaho, Utah, Montana and California, the Gannett Glacier Fire Crew left their mark on the 2018 wildfire season, and without any injuries... [Read More]
With new tariffs set to hit products imported from China, many retailers say they have no choice but to pass on the increased cost to... [Read More]
Anchorage Assembly members are threatening to stall the 2019 budget process if they don't receive more information on a mistake that turned what looked like... [Read More]
In a complaint filed Monday with the Alaska Public Offices Commission, 'Families for Alaska's Future — Dunleavy' is accused of illegally buying or failing to... [Read More]
Davis submitted her resignation based on her health and to spend more time with her family, said the school board president. [Read More]
The Alaska Department of Law stood by a judge's sentence that calls for no jail time for an Anchorage man who authorities say offered a... [Read More]
The group, Families for Alaska's Future - Dunleavy, is mostly funded by the Republican Governors Association based in Washington, D.C., and has spent hundreds of... [Read More]
A 30-year-old Anchorage man was arrested for drunken driving after his vehicle was stopped by a pair of fellow motorists in Eagle River. [Read More]
Prices will likely rise on some products in Alaska from the latest round of tariffs on products imported from China. [Read More]
The complaint alleges the groups pushing the contentious Stand for Salmon voter initiative committed multiple financial disclosure violations. [Read More]
Returning home safe after a multi-state battle against dangerous wildfires, the Gannett Glacier Fire Crew from Palmer is back, and looking forward to a little... [Read More]
The berries were good, the waterfowl hunting was fair and in many places the woods were empty. You could take a day pack, a raincoat... [Read More]
After a brief administrative leave in May, the teacher was placed back in the classroom. That was a mistake, said the district superintendent. [Read More]
Workplace advice: I ticked off our head of finance when she heard me describing her in unflattering terms. I've apologized, but now she refuses to... [Read More]
About 80 Seawolves from a wide variety of sports -- hockey, skiing, basketball, track, gymnastics -- competed in last week's All-Athlete Sand Dune Sprint Sufferfest... [Read More]
An Alaska man has been charged with killing a 10-year-old girl who went missing for more than a week before her body was found near... [Read More]
Prosecutors say DNA evidence, surveillance footage linked 41-year-old to homicide case that shocked and unified Kotzebue. [Read More]
The Saints are scheduled to host Sterling Moore for a visit on Tuesday, according to a source. [Read More]
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If the city of Anchorage can't provide financial statements to the assembly, some members say they won't approve a 2019 budget. [Read More]