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Jordan Knight says his band New Kids On The Block were criticised throughout the 80s. [Read More]
Halsey hates being referred to as a pop star just because she has collaborated with a few pop singers in the past. [Read More]
There are no such thing as alternative facts. Facts are certain and undeniable actions, occurrences, and events cemented in time, creating historical markers that map... [Read More]
Our country is being looted blind by Donald Trump, Don Young and their ilk. They are Teflon Dons, with one law for them and another... [Read More]
Patt Garrett was 16 and pregnant when she followed her man to Alaska in 1963. She'd dropped out of high school, since "pregnant girls couldn't... [Read More]
Ice dams are melting out and rivers are rising as warm weather hits the high country. Long daylight creates packrafting opportunities after work, in addition... [Read More]
Some shots show climbers masterfully scaling a frozen waterfall. Others show skiers in neon hues carving through fresh powder atop sun kissed mountains. Others show... [Read More]
Good things come to us disguised in all sorts of drab. [Read More]
I met Yngvil Vatn Guttu a little over a decade ago at the old post office mall on 4th Avenue and D Street. We were... [Read More]
Sir Ridley Scott wishes he was able to be as productive as actors who make several movies a year. [Read More]
Sheryl Crow would rather her music be regarded as "important" than "great". [Read More]
THURSDAY, MAY 4... [Read More]
Election night was a brutal one for Democrats nationwide, and while Donald Trump carried Alaska comfortably, all was not lost in the Last Frontier as... [Read More]
Robotic models of living organisms are useful to scientists, who can study the effects of stimuli without risk to actual people. Northwestern University researchers announced... [Read More]
Watching the Legislature wind down is painful. This year, the Democrats own the House and the Republicans own the Senate. The House wants income taxes.... [Read More]
Twenty-six years ago, Sean O'Hare was living in San Francisco as an aspiring playwright of fiercely pro-Irish independence persuasion. As the 75th anniversary of the... [Read More]
I like the big questions. What is a person? What does a good person do? How does a person live a good life? These existential... [Read More]
Scott Dikkers was co-founder of The Onion and it's longest running editor-in-chief. More recently, he's created a program at The Second City in Chicago, a... [Read More]
At any given 1:30 a.m., Ted Stevens International is hands-down the jumpingest airport in America. Bars are open, every convenientjce store dressed up as a... [Read More]
As another week goes by here at Alaska Fireweed, it's becoming more and more apparent that your everyday cannabis enthusiast is really starting to understand... [Read More]