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Ordinarily, it would be a badge of honor and source of humor to be attacked by conservative blogger Suzanne Downing in 'Must Read Alaska', her... [Read More]
By Matt Hickman... [Read More]
Gov. Mike Dunleavy is getting hit with lawsuits over his budget actions. [Read More]
Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (DOT&PF) officials are extending the lighting curfew to C Street between Tudor and Minnesota (O'Malley), a distance of... [Read More]
Update:The victims are an adult female and a juvenile female. They have been identified as Elva Salazar (36-years-old) and Thalia Severance (2-years-old). Next of kin... [Read More]
Today, Gov. Mike Dunleavy amended his call for the Second Special Session to include the unfinished capital budget appropriations bill and to change the session... [Read More]
The credit rating committee of Moody's Corporation decided... [Read More]
Today, the ACLU of Alaska filed suit against Governor Dunleavy to block his administration's attempt to punish the Alaska Court System by vetoing $334,700 in... [Read More]
Want to be one of the first to hear Heynen's new music? Check it out on the Anchorage Press Facebook page or website to see... [Read More]
4th Avenue in downtown Anchorage is a street full of history, scandal, and legends. Everyone has a family member that will tell them tales of... [Read More]
The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) has confirmed a single case of measles in an unvaccinated teenager from the Kenai Peninsula who... [Read More]
THURSDAY, JULY 18... [Read More]
A state House committee kicked off a new round of public hearings on the Permanent Fund Dividend and the state budget last Monday in Anchorage... [Read More]
Thursday July 18th... [Read More]
As our community leaves behind the joyful season of singing birds, we are graced to enter another richly rewarding time: the season of ripened berries. [Read More]
In Yokohama, Japan, near Tokyo, one can visit the Unko Museum -- a whole interactive experience built around "cute" poop. ("Unko" means poop in Japanese.)... [Read More]
The Alaska Permanent Fund dividend is, was and will be in the future a genuinely lousy idea. [Read More]
The asinine fight over where the Legislature should meet for a special session called by Gov. Mike Dunleavy is not the first time the Legislature... [Read More]
I was never a die hard fly fisherman until my first year up in Alaska. My first year guiding for Great Alaska Adventure Camp in... [Read More]
I am a bi, white, married man—35 years old and living in a big Midwestern city. I'd like to know what's going on in my... [Read More]