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INTERGALACTIC NEMESISFri. Jan 13 and Sat. Jan 14/ Discovery Theater/ Ticket prices vary/ for tickets and information... [Read More]
National Geographic is expecting its latest reality TV show featuring "totally average, everyday moments" to rival those of the Discovery's Alaskan Bush People and History's Ax Men.  Producer Jared Lowell said audiences are... [Read More]
Let's be honest, people have sex. Your biological parents had sex, and at one point probably did it all the time. Maybe they still do. In consensual situations it's a healthy, normal activity... [Read More]
The Petersburg Borough Assembly aired its grievances with member Jeigh Stanton Gregor during last Monday's assembly meeting, one of the few meetings he's attended in months since the new marijuana dispensary was opened... [Read More]
Craft beer in Alaska is growing up. There's plenty of evidence of this. Alaskan Brewing Company turned 30 this year. Midnight Sun came of age at 21 in May. Glacier Brewhouse and Broken... [Read More]
THUR 1.5 FIRST TAP JANUARY | IRATION Bear Tooth Theatrepub, 8 p.m. Tickets available at 21+ show, doors open at 8 p.m. and show begins at 9 p.m. $35. (1230 W. 27th... [Read More]
Dreaming Bears by J. Michael Holloway begins like so many other stories about people with adventuresome hearts. Their trek begins on a whim, before becoming something very different. We meet the author, then... [Read More]
DOWNTOWN  ANCHORAGE MUSEUM—"Unbound: Words Every Day," join Alaska Writing Project for an evening of exploration: 6 to 9 p.m. (625 C St.) CAPTAIN COOK COFFEE CUBBY—Silent Auction benefitting West High Foundation & Alyeska... [Read More]
Rule or be ruled, that is the question facing young British queens when they take the throne and Queen Victoria was no exception. The new Victoria MASTERPIECE series provides an exceptional look at... [Read More]
On a frosty winter afternoon, as the sun skimmed nearby barren treetops, a wader-clad crew of UAA students stepped into a lake to pull fish traps from a break in the ice as... [Read More]
Lisa Maloney: Writing restaurant reviews means moving on from one place to the next as soon as the research is complete. So if a restaurant manages to punch through the competition and linger... [Read More]
Nobody knows what the fuck is going on. For a long time we all figured it was Donald Trump who didn't know what the fuck was going. But now it's us who are... [Read More]
When President Obama visited Alaska last year, about all he managed to do was rename a mountain, point and weep at a melting glacier and dine with Alice Rogoff, passionate environmentalist, newspaper ingénue... [Read More]
No one thinks to blame God when they drop jam toast and it lands jam-side down; or when they stand at the back of a line that is still while the line next... [Read More]
Since the start of the season, TV ratings for the NFL have been down—way down—as much as 12 percent from last year. There are a number of theories for this sudden decline, among... [Read More]
If you're a procrastinator like I am and still haven't found the perfect gift for your favorite craft beer lover, don't freak. I've got some ideas. I'm a horrible Christmas shopper, although finding... [Read More]
A lynx that roamed more than 200 miles from Kluane Lake in the Yukon Territory to near Chitina is still being tracked across the Alaska landscape, thanks to a curious couple living off... [Read More]
Dear Timmy: Thanks for the milk and cookies … even though I can't eat them—next time you serve dessert you really should ask about your guest's dietary restrictions. [Read More]
"grand ambitions" that people discouraged him from pursuing. Glasper said yes. He'd really like to compose and sing hip-hop rhymes. But his bandmates just won't go along with him when he tries that... [Read More]
I cried when I wrote this I'll always remember The worst kind of lonely Is alone in December. -Over the Rhine I don't mean to hate December It's meant to be the happy... [Read More]