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The Trump administration has halted, without explanation, the routine practice of reporting the current number of nuclear weapons in the US arsenal, the AP and... [Read More]
US, Taliban Aim to Firm Up Date for Foreign Force Exit from Afghanistan | Latest round of Doha talks center on timetable... [Read More]
Trump Announces More Sanctions on Iran, But Potential Targets Are Limited | Pompeo says 80% of Iranian economy is under sanctions... [Read More]
Multiple operations left over a dozen militants dead. - Margaret Griffis for Original... [Read More]
Russia Warns US Buildup Risks Repeat of Cuban Missile Crisis | Deputy FM warns US deployment of missiles would escalate the crisis... [Read More]
Poll Shows Strong Majority of Americans Oppose Attacking Iran | 58% of voters want a non-military approach to Iran... [Read More]
Trump: I Don't Need Congressional Approval to Attack Iran | Says he likes to tell them about wars, but wouldn't have to... [Read More]
Trump Rejected Attacking Iran: 'We Don't Need Any More Wars' | Gen. Dunford one of few officials said to back Trump's position... [Read More]
Iran Denies US Cyber-Attacks Had Any Effect | Official Boasts of Internet Defense System... [Read More]
Somehow even more sanctions are going to be slapped onto Iran today, with the Administration admitting they increase suffering of the civilian population. If the... [Read More]
Article: As Conflict With Iran Escalates, Path To Peace Can Be Found - As Conflict With Iran Escalates, Path To Peace Can Be Found |... [Read More]
Since 2015, the civil war between the Saudi-backed Hadi government and Houthi rebels supported by Iran has killed nearly a hundred thousand Yemenis. Many -... [Read More]
The Donald made the right call. Now that's a rare statement. Calling off – or at least delaying – a military strike on Iran was... [Read More]
Among several attacks was the assassination of a tribal elder. - Margaret Griffis for Original... [Read More]
North Korea Says Kim Gets 'Excellent' Letter From Trump | Pompeo hopes letter can restart US-North Korea talks... [Read More]
Trump: Allowing FBI to Investigate Khashoggi Murder Would Jeopardize Saudi Arms Sales | Says murder 'really didn't come up' in talk with Saudi Crown Prince... [Read More]
US Troops in Iraq See Surge in 'Indirect Fire,' Some Look to Blame Iran | Rockets, mortars almost hit sites, no US casualties reported... [Read More]
Iranian Group With Ties To Trump Officals Rally for Regime Change in DC... [Read More]
Pompeo and Other Hawks Try to Steer Trump Into War With Iran | Trump dismissing Pompeo and Bolton in calls for action... [Read More]
Trump Says He'd Be Iran's Best Friend If Iran Renounced Nuclear Arms | Iran has renounced nuclear weapons many times over past several years... [Read More]
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