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The Navajo Nation is claiming that the state and several counties illegally discriminated against tribal members and kept them from having their votes counted. [Read More]
Bowers today announced House committees, chairs and vice chairs. Despite the shrinking caucus, the n... [Read More]
Homie won't be running for the U.S. Senate anymore. [Read More]
The state's high court has agreed to decide whether cities can force businesses to do work for those whose views, practices or lifestyles conflict with... [Read More]
Ducey dodged questions Friday about whether he would appoint McSally to the US Senate if Kyle decide... [Read More]
A Quaker organization claims to have bipartisan support for a bill that would upend Arizona's truth-in-sentencing laws, which requires Arizona inmates to serve... [Read More]
Gov. Doug Ducey appointed Fred DuVal Monday to the Arizona Board of Regents four years after getting himself elected by blasting his Democrat foe for... [Read More]
Secretary of State-elect Katie Hobbs will push to take the politics out of Arizona's elections office. [Read More]
Jalakoi Solomon led NextGen Arizona's youth voter outreach initiative, which boosted turnout among young voters this election cycle. [Read More]
While all eyes were on the state Senate in anticipation of a potentially momentous Democratic power shift, it was the House of Representatives that saw... [Read More]
Election Month continues here in Arizona with ballots yet to be counted nearly two weeks since polls closed. [Read More]
Steve Gaynor finally conceded late Friday he isn't going to be secretary of state. [Read More]
That record number of Arizonans who turned out to vote this year has a dark side for direct democracy: It's going to be harder for... [Read More]
Embattled Arizona State Parks Director Sue Black is out of a job, effective immediately, according t... [Read More]
Embattled Arizona Parks and Recreation Director Sue Black is out effective immediately. [Read More]
The Bisbee Post office has been a meeting place on Main Street for more than 100 years. Through ... [Read More]
Arizona's two newest members of Congress joined more than 80 other newly elected House members for freshmen orientation November 13, as Democrats prepare to... [Read More]
Spending on campaign ads in Arizona reached a record $129 million this year, part of a national trend that saw cable and broadcast election ad... [Read More]
Despite a record number of women running for office this year, Arizona will actually lose one female elected official when congressional and legislative... [Read More]
Republican leads in close races on November 6 vanished as county recorders counted ballots in the days after, and Republicans turned to attacking Arizona's... [Read More]