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Courtland Young, an Iowa-born prospector, discovered copper ore deposits east of Tombstone in 19... [Read More]
Ducey wants the state to add about $250 million in new spending to K-12 education, financed by new c... [Read More]
Syms has been absent since making a brief appearance at the opening day of session on Jan. 8. [Read More]
One year after claiming local school officials can't be trusted, Gov. Doug Ducey now has faith that state monies are going to pay teachers higher... [Read More]
Gov. Doug Ducey wants the state to add about $250 million in new spending to K-12 education, financed by new cuts and transfers among agencies... [Read More]
One of the state's three Republican legislative leaders has vowed he won't let the Trump tax cuts ... [Read More]
In her last year at the Arizona Legislature, Senate Minority Leader Katie Hobbs must balance running for higher office and leading the Democratic Caucus. [Read More]
Senate President Steve Yarbrough is on his farewell tour at the Capitol. It's his 16th year in office, but the Chandler Republican has some goals... [Read More]
In this interview, Rios discussed Ducey's 2018 address, her priorities for the legislative session, and what it would take for Democrats to consider this year... [Read More]
House Speaker J.D. Mesnard sat down with the Arizona Capitol Times to discuss his priorities for the 2018 legislative session and what it would take... [Read More]
The Capitol Times caught up with the governor the Friday before session started to discuss his priorities and preview the next few months. [Read More]
Gov. Doug Ducey wants to expand employment centers for soon-to-be-released prisoners and give them identification cards before they leave state custody. [Read More]
State government stands to gain -- and Arizona taxpayers stand to lose -- more than $200 million because of the federal tax law changes approved... [Read More]
An Apache Junction Republican has introduced legislation that would permanently extend a state sales tax that generates more than $644 million in annual funding... [Read More]
The House harassment policy does not currently include a statute of limitations on sexual or workplace harassment claims, but the question of the time limit... [Read More]
People who are deaf or hard of hearing can now watch Arizona legislative hearings live through looping technology and access a live captioning service. [Read More]
Sixteen candidates filed signatures to run in the CD8 special election, but that doesn't necessarily... [Read More]
A veteran state lawmaker is carving out what one lawyer calls a large and "blatant'' exemption to the state's public records law. [Read More]
This time around, Arizona Democratic lawmakers aren't falling for Gov. Doug Ducey's centrist approach designed to add more money to schools and attack the... [Read More]
Miranda may not be running for office in LD27 anymore, but there's a new rush of candidates she's en... [Read More]