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After living in metro Phoenix for 30 years, my wife and I moved to the Tucson area in January. I have a few observations. [Read More]
Trump sent a clear reminder to his supporters of one simple thing — that he is willing to get tough on immigration. [Read More]
Here's a reason not to root for Mexico in the World Cup soccer tournament: fans of El Tri chanting anti-gay slurs at players on the... [Read More]
If your house were afire, would you not grab your child and run to safety? If there were a famine in the land, would you... [Read More]
Re: the June 20 article "Appeals panel says Asarco must pay copper bonuses." [Read More]
So Pres. Trump signs an Executive Order that states Central American families will not be separated. Children will stay with their parents at detention centers.... [Read More]
The righteous outrage of U.S. representatives and senators about the separation of children from parents at the border is phony baloney. The current situation is... [Read More]
Children taken from their migrant families are being dispersed throughout the country. No doubt Tucson is a logical location, being near the border and large... [Read More]
President Trump's supporters famously take what he says (or tweets) as truth and ignore contradictory information (especially from the media). Perhaps the child-separation debacle at... [Read More]
This week required a national Amber Alert to stop the president of the United States in his tracks. What's next? [Read More]
I am absolutely horrified by the way this country is treating innocent children whose parents were simply seeking asylum. And now they're being treated just... [Read More]
Even if these children are reunited with their parents tomorrow, that trauma would remain. [Read More]
Over the weekend, like many of you, perhaps, I was talking to a friend about the crisis at the border, where thousands of children are... [Read More]
Now that the elementary-school textbooks, backpacks and lunchboxes have been stowed away across the country, it's time to get to work. [Read More]
The tower will incorporate residential, office, retail and open space at Speedway and Campbell. [Read More]
The process known as 3D printing refers to a kind of manufacturing where a part is built up layer by layer. [Read More]
summer is starting! [Read More]
The driver, who was under the legal drinking age, stayed at the scene and cooperated with police. [Read More]
The driver, who was under the legal drinking age, stayed at the scene and cooperated with police. [Read More]
If MS-13 is as big a threat as the Trump administrations suggests, then the attorney general shouldn't be removing asylum protection from its victims... [Read More]