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Two writers stating how great President Trump (R) i s doing and how great the economy is going with fewer... [Read More]
The UA freshman was one of four Pac-12 players on the list. [Read More]
I believe that the usurper in the Whiter House should be impeached for his most serious crime. Contempt for Truth. He and his enablers will... [Read More]
A group that spent $260,000 attacking a 2014 foe of Doug Ducey in his first gubernatorial race is trying - again - to escape paying... [Read More]
If we need any more evidence that Trump is dancing to Putin's tune, look no further than the pull-out of American troops, who were suppose... [Read More]
As a nation that was founded in racist and gender hypocrisy, it should come as no surprise that, after years of struggling to correct those... [Read More]
A woman shot and killed two men Tucson police say were trying to break into her midtown home early Wednesday morning. [Read More]
Beer and wine and a little bit of Helldorado. [Read More]
Nothing in my recent memory is more depressing than reading about our abandonment of the Kurds. Who would want to be our ally after we... [Read More]
Tucson Terrorfest, a local film festival dedicated to the blood, guts and gore of the horror movie genre, is getting bigger this month. [Read More]
Re: the Oct. 14 article "A look at both sides of history, our role as Americans." [Read More]
Organizers dub Sunday's fundraising event a "Country Shindig." [Read More]
It's the fall season in Tucson and that means cooler temperatures and colorful trees in the Catalinas. [Read More]
Funeral notices for Wednesday, October 16, 2019. For more obituaries go to... [Read More]
Like Aimee Stephens, the transgender woman who was fired after coming out to her employer, I know the pain too well. I've been fired, not... [Read More]
Well, we can't all just hold hands and sing Kumbaya. As a community dialogue specialist at the nonprofit Center for Community Dialogue & Training, I... [Read More]
Today, he would have said of colleges and universities, "Are we to say to the world — and much more importantly, to each other —... [Read More]
Richardson was released Tuesday morning, two days ahead of his scheduled release date. [Read More]
Adults love Halloween just as much as kids. Sure, we don't get candy anymore but at least we get to stay up past bedtime. [Read More]
Re: the Oct. 10 article "$600M transit center deal going before City Council." [Read More]