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A committee has been charged with proposing revisions to the grading system. [Read More]
"Southpaw Sizzler," who has been in baseball for a half-century, is pitching coach for Houston Astros. [Read More]
Michael and Justin discuss Khalil Tate's latest awarding-winning performance, Arizona's injuries and the surprising strength of the Cougars, the UA's upcoming homecoming opponent. [Read More]
Re: the Oct. 23 columns "Should NFL players end their anthem protests?" [Read More]
Re: the Oct. 23 letter to the editor "Lawmaker was wrong to politicize phone call." [Read More]
Justin Spears / Arizona Daily Star... [Read More]
Sgt. La David Johnson was one of four American servicemen killed in the remote nation of Niger. Press coverage has largely centered on how insensitive... [Read More]
Thanks to our forward-looking Pima County Supervisors who once again have shown that leadership is more than building roads and sewers, by planning for a... [Read More]
Re: the Oct. 23 letter to the editor "Good preschools help attract good companies." [Read More]
Free community event for Tucsonans struggling to make ends meet will be held Saturday, Oct. 28 at the Tucson Convention Center. [Read More]
Re: the Oct. 24 letter to the editor "What's 'convenient' about extra fees?" [Read More]
I'm disappointed in Cosmopolitan magazine's Oct. 10 piece by Rep. Martha McSally. How can she say she supports women when her voting record says otherwise?... [Read More]
Re: the Oct. 19 article "Tucson authorities condemn domestic violence 'epidemic'." [Read More]
When we hear outrageous facts, we try to make sense of them. Case in point: Trump's statement to La David Johnson's widow that "he knew... [Read More]
Re: the Oct. 23 letter to the editor "Lawmaker was wrong to politicize phone call." [Read More]
Concert proceeds to help U.S. territory rebuild after devastating twin hurricanes. [Read More]
Renate Stepina died on Sunday. A kinder, more gentle soul I've not met. [Read More]
The community event Saturday also has a new location. It will be from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Tucson Convention Center. [Read More]
I recently read that Tucson Unified School District may move University High to the campus at the existing Catalina High and allow Rincon High to... [Read More]
Respect, such an interesting concept. I always thought it was earned, not mandated. Here's the thing, if standing for the national anthem or the flag... [Read More]