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The Independent Citizens Commission that sets pay for state officials, including the legislature, will meet Sept. 11. Will they give lawmakers more money? [Read More]
40/29 reports that the state is close to hiring a consultant to help evaluate 203 applications for the 32 permits to be awarded to dispense... [Read More]
Edward Serna will lead UA-FS will search for new chancellor is made. [Read More]
Tomas Bohm, the owner of The Pantry and The Pantry Crest, has sold District Fare, his Hillcrest sandwich shop at 2807 Kavanaugh Blvd., to Little... [Read More]
So it goes. The Satanic Temple unveils its statue for a rally in support of the First Amendment protection against state establishment of religion. Meanwhile, a tiny... [Read More]
The Little Rock Police Department has sent a message on Twitter that an LRPD helicopter has crashed at 11400 Ironton Road and there are injuries. [Read More]
Michael Hibblen, a longtime chronicler of the Rock Island Railroad, speaks about his new book Tuesday evening at the Department of Arkansas Heritage. [Read More]
"Extra Soul Perception," the best-known album by Conway County's finest saxophone stylist, Monk Higgins, has been reissued. [Read More]
Former Cranford Johnson Robinson Woods (CJRW) CEO Ron Robinson, 75, for whom the CALS Ron Robinson Theater was named, died Tuesday. [Read More]
New filings for Little Rock City Board:... [Read More]
Briefs have been filed this week in the lawsuit seeking to have Issue One, the limit on lawsuits and legislative usurpation of judicial power, removed... [Read More]
The Satanic Temple is bringing its 8.5-foot Baphomet statue to the Capitol from 1 to 3 p.m. today to rally for religious pluralism and stand as... [Read More]
The legislature's powerful review committee yesterday reportedly signed off on a lengthy list of contracts and other items for the University of Arkansas System, which... [Read More]
It's Kkkomedy. [Read More]
The Hutchinson administration has riled the teachers union in the Little Rock School District. [Read More]
Bib up and enjoy the combos. [Read More]
And much more. [Read More]
Everybody's favorite logical fallacy these days seems to be the argumentum ad hominem. That's where you make a personal attack on somebody's presumed motives instead... [Read More]
It's hard to call any SEC schedule "favorable," to be sure, but Chad Morris' first hand of 12 games at the helm of the Arkansas... [Read More]
One potential game-changer on attitudes regarding abortion is a clear change in its legal status. [Read More]
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