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The annual Mary Lou Tornell Art Show opened Monday afternoon as part of the Ripon Almond Blossom Almond Blossom Festival drawing some 42 entries in... [Read More]
In just six months, the Strip will feature several new functional and decorative works of art. [Read More]
Colorful guitars are popping up at more places around Muskogee. [Read More]
The Prakriti park, near Shastri Park Metro station, was inaugurated on Monday by Justice Swatanter Kumar. The park's main attraction is sculptures made out of... [Read More]
Tsuji Culinary Institute president, Yoshiki Tsuji talks to CNN about his family's impact on Japanese cooking. [Read More]
Paul Heinsdorf is a change ringer at bell towers in Philadelphia. [Read More]
Erica Hawthorne-Manon's nonprofit provides micro-grants to Philadelphia artists. [Read More]
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While London's Impressionist and Modern art sales are expected to reach new heights next month, the more fashion and investment sensitive Contemporary art sales are... [Read More]
In this era of texting and quick-hit social-media posts, there are those who will say that spelling doesn't really matter. As long as you can... [Read More]
At the 2017 Illinois Association of Park Districts (IAPD) and Illinois Park and Recreation Association (IPRA) Conference in Chicago, the Palatine Park District was named... [Read More]
Ethiopian photographer Aida Muluneh returned to her homeland to cut through the cliches of 'animals, war, and famine' with ultra-colourful images... [Read More]
It will be a proud moment for Spanish culture when a sumptuous selection of art works owned by one of Spain's wealthiest women, Alicia Koplowitz,... [Read More]
Today, when people mention the name Alexander McQueen, one of the most celebrated and successful designers of the past few decades, many are reminded of his... [Read More]
(Editor's note: The following was submitted by Black Hawk College Art and Visual Communication faculty members: Melissa Hebert-Johnson, David Murray, Kyle Petersen and Zaiga Thorson.) [Read More]
In Under The Influence, The A.V. Club asks a musician to pair three of their songs with a non-musical influence.In a recent Pitchfork profile, Laetitia... [Read More]
In Under The Influence, The A.V. Club asks a musician to pair three of their songs with a non-musical influence. In a recent Pitchfork profile,... [Read More]
Pink "pussy hats" lined the seats of Ann Arbor's local venue Neutral Zone on Monday night where over 100 University of Michigan faculty, students and... [Read More]
The Bengaluru Metro commuters were taken in for a surprise at Cubbon Park station as arts students changed the look of premises with their mural... [Read More]