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A cow was stuck three times early Monday morning due to an accident involving four cars in Henderson County... [Read More]
With all I do, I can't keep my husband's universe free from things that get him angry. It seems like he's trying to get... [Read More]
Last Sunday's AC-T headline read "D for Woodfin Elementary, F for state DPI. [Read More]
We hear the next big thing in Washington is tax reform. What we are seeing is simply more of the same old swamp water. They... [Read More]
I am voting for Rich Lee for City Council. Rich has been active in serving our city for years, and he knows the system in... [Read More]
I'm not going to pick a fight with guest columnist Isaac Herrin, a student at WCU, where I also attend classes, because I know he... [Read More]
I have great sympathy for career diplomats in the Trump era. [Read More]
Price is only a consideration in the absence of value. [Read More]
Asheville voters are being asked if they support a state law to split the council, which is now elected at-large, into six districts. [Read More]
A reader wants to know what's going up where a building under renovation on Haywood Road collapsed two years ago. [Read More]
Architect William Lord designed the Asheville Citizen-Times Building; Dillingham Presbyterian Church; and the D. Hiden Ramsey Library at UNCA. [Read More]
A developer is erecting a new building on Haywood Road on the site where a building collapsed in 2015. [Read More]
Charges say he had 3.7 pounds of marijuana and 15.7 grams of cocaine. [Read More]
West Henderson, ACA, Pisgah win big matches... [Read More]
Ezekiel Helmling's goal in the fourth overtime sends the Lions to the NCISAA semifinals... [Read More]
As the year's end approaches, it's time to look at rebalancing your portfolio and consider some creative ways to donate to charity. [Read More]
The Catamounts move into a three-way tie for first in the Southern Conference after 26-7 win at VMI... [Read More]
The slick, entertaining 'Marshall' follows future Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall through one real-life court case in Connecticut in 1942. [Read More]