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President Trump criticized China and the European Union over tariffs and trade barriers Friday morning, accusing both of manipulating currencies and interest rates. Mr.... [Read More]
taking away our big competitive edge. [Read More]
President Donald Trump on Friday tweeted that monetary-policy tightening "hurts all that we have done," suggesting that higher borrowing costs could undermine the economy's gains.... [Read More]
President Donald Trump ramped up his criticism of global monetary policy as well as his own central bank, saying in tweets that multiple nations... [Read More]
OH, EAST is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet. Perhaps that was true when an Iron Curtain ran down the... [Read More]
China's Ambassador in Phnom Penh says the European Union should not mix politics with trade as it mulls withdrawing Cambodia's vital preferential single market access... [Read More]
Notoriously bearish strategist Albert Edwards says markets are "bathing in complacency." Investors are ignoring a major threat to global growth, which is "lurking just beneath... [Read More]
A REMARKABLE summit between the European Union and China in Beijing on July 16th marked a turning-point in Chinese views of the EU. Rules and... [Read More]
The United States and the European Union should work together to reform the World Trade Organization and illegal action will not work to solve issues... [Read More]
The European Union is pressuring China to open its economy to outsiders and help revamp an international trade system now under fire by the Trump... [Read More]
China bolstered ties with the European Union this week with more large markets in the pipeline to keep its exports healthy as the United States... [Read More]
The European Union and Japan signed a landmark deal that will eliminate nearly all tariffs on products they trade... [Read More]
The European Union is hunting for free-trade deals in Asia and Latin America to help compensate for lost business with the United States. [Read More]
Japanese and European Union leaders signed a free trade deal Tuesday to boost their economic growth by eliminating tariffs on imports and exports. [Read More]
For the third time in five months, a trade war topped the ranking of tail risks in Bank of America Merrill Lynch's fund-manager survey. ... [Read More]
The leaders of Japan and the European Union signed a deal to create one of the world's largest liberalized trade zones, a contrast to escalating... [Read More]
Japan and the European Union signed a wide-ranging free trade deal on Tuesday that both sides hope will act as a counterweight to the protectionist... [Read More]
The European Union and Japan are signing a widespread trade deal Tuesday that will eliminate nearly all tariffs, seemingly defying the worries about trade tensions... [Read More]
The European Union and Japan are signing a widespread trade deal that will eliminate nearly all tariffs. [Read More]
Japan and the European Union signed a trade agreement on Tuesday in Tokyo that lowers barriers on the movement of goods and services between the... [Read More]