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The Kobe Steel scandal may be a sign of corporate progress. [Read More]
When cheating becomes habitual, the consequences could be costly. Embattled Kobe Steel Ltd said on Tuesday the U.S. Justice Department is asking the steelmaker... [Read More]
U.S. Justice Department is asking the steel maker to provide documents related to its data falsification scandal... [Read More]
Kobe Steel is just the latest in a string of corporate scandals involving data tampering and other methods of cheating to tarnish the Japan Inc... [Read More]
Asian markets rose on Monday, building on last week's gains as investors tracked another positive lead from Wall Street, although the dollar was unable to... [Read More]
Embarrassing scandals at Kobe Steel and Nissan have soiled Japan's reputation for quality, as once-mighty industrial world-beaters battle fierce global competition and shrinking profit margins.... [Read More]
The industrial crisis at Kobe Steel is deepening but some warn it won't be the last Japanese business scandal. [Read More]
(c) 2017, Bloomberg View. Another big scandal is rocking corporate Japan. This time it's Kobe Steel, a major producer, which has confessed to faking data... [Read More]
a practice it said may have started a decade ago.The embarrassing scandal for a venerable firm that once employed Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has already... [Read More]
Kobe Steel Ltd plans to pay customers' costs related to the fabrication of data for its products, Chief Executive Hiroya Kawasaki told a news conference... [Read More]
Kobe Steel's chief executive said on Thursday the firm's data-fabrication may have spread beyond Japan. [Read More]
Kobe Steel's chief executive officer said the company's data fabrication may have spread beyond Japan, as he was ordered by the government to report on... [Read More]
Japan's government said it wants Kobe Steel's data-falsification scandal resolved quickly, concerned about the reputation of the nation's manufacturers as they struggle to justify maintaining... [Read More]
Toyota and GM are among firms checking if they used sub-standard materials from Kobe Steel. [Read More]
Japan's METI asks Kobe Steel to draw up fraud prevention measures by mid-Nov - Read this Platts metals news article here. Plus discover more metals... [Read More]
The Japanese steel maker admits falsifying quality control data, possibly for as long as a decade. [Read More]
Japan's trade ministry is taking the Kobe Steel data fabrication scandal as a serious matter that affects trust in the country's manufacturing industry, a senior... [Read More]
It sold aluminum and copper materials with falsified data on such things as the products' strength to 200 customers... [Read More]
Kobe Steel admitted to falsifying data linked to the strength and quality of its products, and says it could affect items sent to as many... [Read More]
An industrial scandal engulfing Kobe Steel began to reverberate overseas Tuesday as Japan's third-biggest steel-maker said its employees falsified data about the strength and durability... [Read More]