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President Trump says North Korea's dismantling of its nuclear program "is already starting." Here are the facts. [Read More]
Paul Triolo of Eurasia Group says President Trump probably needs ZTE to survive in order to "preserve" his ability to negotiate with China on other... [Read More]
President Trump believes that he and the U.S. hold all the cards in his "good and easy to win" trade dispute/war. However, China... [Read More]
President Trump's decision to call of an annual joint military exercise with South Korea has led some analysts to question if outreach to Kim signals... [Read More]
Chinese officials warned Thursday that President Trump's steep tariffs against the country will ultimately harm American workers.... [Read More]
A United States official named the missile test site that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un vowed to demolish during the recent summit with President... [Read More]
North Korea needs China's help. And China needs a stable North Korea. [Read More]
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un traveled to China for a two-day meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, their third meeting in three months. It... [Read More]
Senior White House adviser Peter Navarro, director of trade and industrial policy and director of the White House National Trade Council, joined SiriusXM hosts Rebecca... [Read More]
Stocks sank after President Trump announced $50 billion in new tariffs on Chinese imports Friday, escalating worries about a trade war between the United States... [Read More]
As the White House barrels toward $250 billion in tariffs on Chinese imports, US gadget makers are bracing for impact. The White House detailed the... [Read More]
Lawmakers are asking questions about the president's approach to trade amid a looming trade war with China. President Trump insists the US has been cheated... [Read More]
While I oppose President Trump's methodology on trade with China, while I fear the road we are on could be disastrous, his best chance of... [Read More]
President Trump met with Republican lawmakers to discuss immigration legislation. Also, we have the latest on the uproar over immigrant family separations and President Trump's... [Read More]
China may look beyond tit-for-tat tariffs in the looming trade war with the United States, analysts say, with a range of creative options at its... [Read More]
The order came in April. China's government instructed farmers in the country's northeastern breadbasket region to grow more soybeans, calling it "a political priority." But... [Read More]
China expressed its strongest support so far Tuesday for the denuclearization deal between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, although concerns are mounting... [Read More]
Kim Jong Un's two-day visit to Beijing is expected to focus on further developments after his nuclear summit with President Trump in Singapore. [Read More]
A new poll finds that Australians are disillusioned with President Trump, and worried about Chinese investment, immigration and climate change. [Read More]
A new 10% tariff on $200 billion in Chinese imports is being threatened by President Donald Trump in the latest move toward what could become a... [Read More]