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Q: When was the right side mirror first used and when and why was the warning changed to "objects in mirror may be closer than... [Read More]
They're creating a new hatchback to take the Ford Fusions place as well as many others. [Read More]
Ford Motor Co. will cut out all but two of its passenger cars for its North American lineup due to waning demand for the vehicles,... [Read More]
For anyone who used to play with slot cars as a child, Sweden's new electrified road might bring back some memories. In the first of... [Read More]
One of North America's largest car makers is shrinking its product line to save money and stay competitive in the auto market, company officials said.... [Read More]
Two cars were broken into at a dog park in Vancouver on Tuesday resulting in thieves getting away with stolen items. [Read More]
Drone-flying passenger pods, long distance sleeper cars, and large group transport taxis are all concept vehicles shown off at this year's Geneva Motor Show. [Read More]
A total of 37 cities in the U.S. have rolled out the in-car delivery service. [Read More]
The new BMW X5 will be the first car from BMW to receive the updated iDrive infotainment system. [Read More]
Amazon will now deliver packages to cars for Prime Members in 37 cities across the country, the tech company announced Tuesday.. Get the latest Yuma... [Read More]
For now, Amazon will only deliver in cars that are either GM or Volvo and models that are 2015 or newer. [Read More]
Orlando News Videos... [Read More]
Video KIRO 7 News in Seattle... [Read More]
In its ongoing effort to deliver purchases everywhere, Amazon on Tuesday began dropping off purchases inside cars.With the new Amazon Key in-car delivery service, a... [Read More]
A Houston father turned his 18-year-old son in to police after his son allegedly stole an HPD firearm and burglarized hundreds of cars. [Read More]
A 21-year-old man has been indicted in connection with a series of auto burglaries as San Francisco continues to get a handle on the car... [Read More]
Read car news websites all day and you'll get the impression that the only cars to ever catch on fire are Ferraris (all the time),... [Read More]
Chesterfield Police are investigating after a child was found in the middle of Hopkins Road in the pouring rain on Tuesday. [Read More]
Not that we should be surprised about Mister Flint having a poor grasp of public safety, but Michigan Governor Rick Snyder recently spoke out on... [Read More]
Fourteen people are facing charges in connection to a drug operation out of a Little Village auto shop bordering North Lawndale. [Read More]