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From the upcoming T-38 replacement decision to the future of the Joint Star replacement program and the F-35's massive production ramp-up, Aviation Week editors discuss... [Read More]
Musk's company worked with the U.S. government to develop the Autonomous Flight Safety System that will prompt the launch vehicle to destruct if it flies... [Read More]
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Amid intensifying government and commercial interest worldwide in systems to counter the threat from UAVs, startup Department 13 has demonstrated its software-based Mesmer system in... [Read More]
The U.S. Air Force recently launched a review of the propulsion system used to boost Lockheed Martin's military satellites into space following undisclosed "observations" during... [Read More]
The Air Force has tried to buy a light-attack aircraft before, and the plan fell victim to budget constraints. Will this time be different? [Read More]
Unusual factors may unfold related to assessment of Trump's 2018 Defense budget that could lead to peak Pentagon spending. [Read More]
Even as the USAF looks to accelerate procurement of a next-generation ground surveillance and battle management fleet, a new study shows the fuselage of the... [Read More]
India has tested a version of the supersonic BrahMos missile with an extended range of 450 km (280 mi.). [Read More]
Malaysia's fourth and final Airbus A400M Atlas arrived at its base here on March 14, following a two-day ferry flight from Spain. [Read More]
Cebu Pacific is making contingency plans to handle potential further delays to its Airbus A321neo deliveries, which could disrupt the carrier's fleet and network strategy. [Read More]
White House options for an exploration time line ... [Read More]
The Air Force expects to issue an invitation to industry to participate in the summer demo shortly. [Read More]
Engine-makers are more willing to consider each other's core architecture, and all see the services end of their business evolving in a decade. [Read More]
U.S. Air Force Chief Gen. [Read More]
T-50 purchases will be included in the new defense procurement plan for 2018-2025 that has not been approved. [Read More]
Engine manufacturers are lining up to upgrade or replace the Boeing B-52H's outdated and inefficient Pratt & Whitney TF33 low-bypass turbofan engines to keep the... [Read More]
New vertical-takeoff-and-landing drone has twin rotor systems to provide full-authority control in rotary-wing mode, and a swept wing to provide speed and range in fixed-wing... [Read More]
The Avic Chendu J-20 stealth fighter has entered service with the Chinese air force, state media in Beijing say. [Read More]