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Anna Mracek Dietrich ... [Read More]
An airline employee's fatal flight in a stolen Bombardier Q400 causes airport, airline to rethink security protocols. read more... [Read More]
Recent appointments, promotions and honors in the aviation and aerospace industry. read more... [Read More]
The Parker Solar Probe will study the Sun's outer atmosphere, the genesis of the solar wind and its far-reaching magnetic field. ... [Read More]
Tactical boost glide hypersonic developments accelerate as Pentagon ponders space-based surveillance and warning system. read more... [Read More]
Technology for electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing air taxis is advancing rapidly, but is it making enough progress to enable urban air mobility? read... [Read More]
Ryanair faces a dilemma: It needs to keep costs down in new labor agreements, while avoiding further strikes and disruption for its passengers. ... [Read More]
F-22's Poland deployment; Lockheed wins Next-Gen OPIR contract; Inside Israel's networking warfare plans and the first firing of the Philippine navy missile. ... [Read More]
Turkey threatens to look for allies elsewhere as it wrestles with unrest at home and spat with U.S. deepens. read more... [Read More]
Figuring out the appropriate NATO defense commitment is more complicated than simple division. read more... [Read More]
A shortage of executive talent could be the next big workforce shortfall to hit aerospace and defense, and companies are starting to get worried. ... [Read More]
Combining Japan's aircraft-building businesses would save engineering, equipment and marketing costs, MHI says. Management expenses might be reduced, too. read more... [Read More]
There are many unanswered questions in the Pentagon about the White House's push to create a sixth branch of the U.S. armed forces. ... [Read More]
While records are nice, the flight's main purpose was to demonstrate significant improvements that will give customers confidence about operational flying. ... [Read More]
Airlines around the world are wising up to the potential for low-cost long-haul travel, with Asian operators leading the way. read more... [Read More]
NASA is researching rechargeable flow-battery technology that uses active electrochemical particles suspended in water-based liquid. read more... [Read More]
Boeing is storing up to 40 unfinished aircraft on a taxiway at Renton, Washington, airport, which puts limits on Runway 16/34. read... [Read More]
Faster metal 3D printing; Reykjavik drone delivery expands; Pentagon eyes medical delivery drones; DARPA tests fast autonomous scouts. read more... [Read More]
After surveying the industry with a request for information, Craic issues RFP for CR929 landing gear. UTAS chose not to move beyond that first stage.... [Read More]
Aviation industry interest in hybrid-electric technology is growing as limitations of all-electric propulsion become clearer. read more... [Read More]
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