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From the upcoming T-38 replacement decision to the future of the Joint Star replacement program and the F-35's massive production ramp-up, Aviation Week editors discuss... [Read More]
The U.S. Navy is working on various challenges for the last of the Joint Strike Fighter versions, still hoping to have it ready for battle... [Read More]
The $805 million contract is just the start of what might blossom into $7 billion in carrier-based, aerial refueling tanker work. read... [Read More]
Nikkiso hints that it wants to step up to the first tier while maintaining its current second-tier business. And it wants to develop more parts.... [Read More]
Boeing has finalized a landing gear design for the 737-10 taller than other MAX models, for the same wheel well. How was this innovative design... [Read More]
India plans to buy maritime helicopters; quantifying the space force; aerospace wins AI challenge, and Brazil joins space situational awareness team. read... [Read More]
Rearranging existing space often means coming up with better ways to serve both passengers and tenants while accepting constraints of an airport's footprint. ... [Read More]
Boeing's finalized landing gear design for the 737-10 is taller than the other MAX models, but which still fits in the same wheel well. See... [Read More]
NASA aims to leverage commercial satellite technology and industry practices into a power and propulsion module for a lunar-orbiting gateway. read more... [Read More]
Boeing and Airbus should review the current practice of air show order announcements ... [Read More]
Little old assets in A&D are getting hotter to buy and sell ... [Read More]
The vision of airport innovators is to create a network of labs working collaboratively to serve customers better and increase revenue. ... [Read More]
Boeing and Airbus should review the current practice of air show order announcements ... [Read More]
Boeing revives Quiet Technology Demonstrator series to evaluate a new low-drag acoustic liner on a 737-7 testbed. read more... [Read More]
Coalition airpower has helped deplete the so-called Islamic State terrorist group's presence in Iraq and Syria. read more... [Read More]
New urgency, linked to engine sustainability and need for outsize hypersonic weapon launch capability, drives potential acceleration of B-52H reengining plan. ... [Read More]
The top 10 countries account for 87% of world aerospace output, but will face a challenge by China as it tries to assert aerospace dominance.... [Read More]
Bye flies StratoAirNet; Singapore's solar quadcopter; Boeing's synchronized UAVs; Echodyne's radar approved; UK BVLOS drone corridor. read more... [Read More]
The vast amount of China's intermediate-size cities could bode well for a surge in narrowbody aircraft to serve those destinations. read more... [Read More]