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Our nearest neighbor in Southern California is Mexico, and its entrance point is Baja California. We locals like to call it the "Baja," which helps... [Read More]
The just-opened Hotel San Cristobal is drawing a new set of travelers to the small town in Baja California Sur. [Read More]
Santiago Mendez emigrated to Hannibal from Baja California, Mexico, at the start of his freshman year at Hannibal High School in 2013. "When I moved... [Read More]
Baja California's First Lady Brenda Ruacho said all tickets for the fourth annual "Primera Dama" run are sold in a voluntary basis. [Read More]
Prized status of totoaba leads to an illicit trade that spans Baja California, Southern California and China. [Read More]
Mexican, state and local officials met Monday in order to address the upcoming summer high temperatures that might impact Haitian immigrants living in Baja California. [Read More]
The Eagles have filed a lawsuit against the owners of Todos Santos hotel in Baja California Sur for using the name Hotel California, arguably the... [Read More]
The Eagles have sued a "Hotel California" in Mexico, saying the owners falsely insinuated an association with the band's famous song. The country-rooted rockers, whose... [Read More]
The Eagles contend a Baja California establishment has been using the name to suggest a connection with the band for financial gain. [Read More]
In the popular song "Hotel California," the Eagles' Don Henley sang, "You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave."That isn't... [Read More]
Carlos Jasso/Reuters Mexican security forces on Tuesday arrested accused drug kingpin Damaso Lopez, believed to be locked in a bloody struggle for control... [Read More]
The Hotel California in Baja California, Mexico, might be a lovely place, but it is not the one referenced by the Eagles' 1976 title track... [Read More]
Whale watchers on a tour with Dawn Feuerberg of Morro Bay had a "life changing" experience in April 2017 when they got to pet gray... [Read More]
Hotel in Baja California Sur "actively encourage" guests to believe the hotel is associated with the band... [Read More]
El grupo musical Eagles denunció a un establecimiento mexicano por aprovecharse presuntamente del nombre "Hotel California", el título de su canción más famosa, informó hoy... [Read More]
El Gobierno mexicano asestó un importante golpe al cártel de Sinaloa con la captura de Dámaso López, presunto sucesor de Joaquín "el Chapo" Guzmán, en... [Read More]
Educators from Tijuana and San Diego are joining forces to support students who switch between the U.S. and Mexican school systems. Slated to start... [Read More]
Authorities in Mexico say a military patrol was attacked by suspected organized crime members, setting off a firefight that killed one marine and seven alleged... [Read More]
Schools in Baja California are seeing more new students from the United States than from Mexico. Now, the San Diego Unified School district is partnering... [Read More]
The San Diego Unified School District is expected to announce Monday a new, cross-border education partnership with the Mexican consulate and the Department of Education... [Read More]