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Football is proven to be dangerous to players' health. Why isn't it regulated? Our government — both state and federal — has countless laws... [Read More]
BEVERLY HILLS—God bless America, and how's everybody?Florida residents returned to their homes Friday to view Hurricane Irma's destruction. Those who stayed and braved the storm... [Read More]
How did a statement made 30 years ago, in a magazine article with no supporting documentation, set in motion a series of some of the... [Read More]
In today's interconnected, technology-driven world, it's becoming more difficult to protect privacy.For individuals dealing with stalkers, knowing how technology can be used to track movement... [Read More]
Car show enthusiasts of all types will surely enjoy a one-of-a-kind car show Saturday.Organizers Mike Demuth and Curtis Evans are revving their engines in excitement... [Read More]
Bartlesville Police Department K-9 officer Troy Newell said the department's new dog Atlas is doing well."We started working on Aug. 14 with a two-week handler... [Read More]
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos talked to lots of people - victims, students who said they were falsely accused and the family members of both -... [Read More]
A clip of actress Martha Plimpton's exuberance over the "best" abortion she has ever had played on the television above a gas-station counter somewhere along... [Read More]
Hundreds of protesters swarmed the University of California, Berkeley, on Thursday evening as conservative writer Ben Shapiro spoke on campus, with law enforcement out in... [Read More]
The Bartlesville Community Concert Association will kick off its 2017-18 season with a performance by the "Pianist to the Presidents," David Osborne and his trio.... [Read More]
Another year. Another Sept. 11 anniversary. Another opportunity for grievance-mongering Muslim agitators to decry the imagined "epidemic" of "Islamophobia." South Asian Americans Leading Together... [Read More]
This is a column about how to live to a ripe old age, to avoid Alzheimer's and a number of other ailments that afflict senior... [Read More]
God bless America, and how's everybody? Hurricane Irma finished up her Florida run by turning into a tropical storm, then pummeling Georgia, Alabama and... [Read More]
ConocoPhillips Chairman/CEO Ryan Lance said on Wednesday the company is now in a good position for stability in an increasingly volatile energy sector, and does... [Read More]
Norman voters spoke loud and clear Tuesday, electing teacher Jacob Rosecrants to serve in the state legislature. Rosecrants will fill the void left by Scott... [Read More]
Quality patient care is the mission for Gavin Duley, owner/pharmacist at Caney Drug Pharmacy in Caney, Kansas, and Ashley Clark, owner/pharmacist of Popkess Pharmacy in... [Read More]
Oklahoma State Fair attendees this year can see Oklahoma City from atop the tallest movable Ferris wheel in the Western Hemisphere, but only after three... [Read More]
While the Houston area was pummelled with over 50 inches of rain and dramatic flooding during Hurricane Harvey, the Bartlesville offices of ConocoPhillips stepped up... [Read More]
The Sitel customer service call center in Bartlesville will stay open until after the holidays, Sitel Bartlesville Site Director Paul Petersen said Wednesday.In April, Sitel... [Read More]
State Sen. Bryce Marlatt resigned Tuesday, six days after being charged with sexual battery because of an Uber driver's complaint. In his three-sentence resignation... [Read More]