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Meanwhile, many of the guns he stole are still on the street and the damage he didn't to the Second Amendment also stands. [Read More]
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand was once a strong voice for gun rights, but now she isn't. It's enough to make one wonder just what she really... [Read More]
The compromise ties gun seizures to mental health concerns, which makes it far less likely to be used as punishment, but there are still issues. [Read More]
Thanks to threats by the European Union, the average Swiss voter has opted to curtail the relative gun freedom they've enjoyed through the years. [Read More]
A lawmaker has dropped her effort to kill preemption in Nevada, but instead, she's replacing it with a red flag provision. Hardly an improvement. [Read More]
None of California's mountains of gun control legislation did anything to prevent the Borderline shooting, but that won't stop them from making more. [Read More]
When your whole life is about claiming guns are bad and make us less safe, anything that proves you wrong is terrifying. These eight facts... [Read More]
Switzerland is faced with new gun control measures, rules which seem to be imposed on them from the rest of Europe. But these rules aren't... [Read More]
The social media video-sharing website is apparently in the midst of yet another crackdown on gun channels. This opens up some questions about legality. [Read More]
Legislators love to propose new laws in the wake of deadly mass shootings, even if the laws would have done nothing to stop the shooting. [Read More]
Indianapolis Mayor Pete Buttigieg has joined Sen. Cory Booker's call for a gun licensing scheme. Too bad for both of them it's a stupid idea. [Read More]
A Rhode Island community already has while a Maine community considers becoming sanctuary havens for Second Amendment rights. [Read More]
While many seem to focus on the weapons violent criminals use, a far more productive way to approach things is to look at the roots... [Read More]
Democrats claim to be the party of the poor and of minorities, yet the gun control policies their candidates are advocating hurt those groups most. [Read More]
The Department of Justice has joined the choir urging the Supreme Court to strike down a draconian NYC law that prohibits taking a gun out... [Read More]
A Pennsylvania legislator believes that purchasing a gun may constitute troubling behavior. That's why it's part of his red flag law bill. [Read More]
Among the many things Sen. Kamala Harris wants to do if Congress doesn't do her bidding is ban AR-15s and other so-called assault rifles. [Read More]
A writer at Splinter thinks you don't need to own a gun, and he's convinced he knows more than you do. We prove him wrong. [Read More]
New York has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nations. Now, they're going after 3D-printed guns as their next trick. [Read More]
Anti-gun lawmakers in Minnesota wanted to pass a red flag bill and universal background check bill this session. It looks like they get neither. [Read More]