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The man was forced into his home, pistol-whipped, and shot before the crooks demanded money. When they saw his wife, they demanded more. Big mistake. [Read More]
If you haven't yet found that ideal present for the 2A supporter in your life, here are 15 gifts that will pair perfectly with their... [Read More]
Lucy McBath's win in Georgia may be a marker for a disturbing trend. That trend is the suburbs siding with the urban centers on gun... [Read More]
The college held the vigil, but regardless of what they chose to call it, what happened was really just an anti-gun protest. [Read More]
Two Marine Corps reservists were brutally attacked by Antifa recently. Now, two of those attackers are on trial for their role. [Read More]
The bill would ban not just 3D printed guns, but also incomplete receivers, which would kill an entire cottage industry. But will it pass? [Read More]
While Las Vegas still stings as a tragedy, an op-ed actually seems to be willing to accept the possibility that a ban would reduce crime.... [Read More]
The state's gun-death rate hit a record high in 2017, but Gov. Kasich is still staunchly opposed to Stand Your Ground laws, which empower self-defense. [Read More]
A would-be middle school shooter was thwarted after an unnamed tipster notified police. Following a gunfight with police, the shooter turned his gun on himself.... [Read More]
While state officials are still mum on just how they're going to enforce the new magazine restrictions, there may be a reason. They don't know. [Read More]
Her son committed suicide, so she used his obituary to call for a waiting period in the state of Vermont. Emotions ruled and now it... [Read More]
A recent study used an overly broad definition of what is a school-related shooting. The funny thing? What they found still disputes anti-gun claims. [Read More]
A state commission that has looked into the horrific events of that day reached their conclusions. They argued armed teachers would have helped. [Read More]
I've long believed that when it comes to self-protection, having a gun is great. However, you can't always expect to have one. Sometimes you may need to... [Read More]
Apparently, leaving a duty to retreat in state law but making prosecutors actually prove someone did something wrong is just too much for them. [Read More]
The fact that Moms Demand Action is behind this means one would be shocked if it wasn't really an anti-gun rally in a memorial skinsuit. [Read More]
Pro-gun women have got to be annoyed. They have to be sick of people claiming to speak for them, only to demand the innocent be... [Read More]
They say mass shootings are a uniquely American problem, but they're not. The latest example is a terrorist attack in France. [Read More]
A page dedicated to the victims of "gun violence" has a photo of a man shot on the side of the road. The problem? He... [Read More]
Republicans are jumping on the Extreme Risk Protective Order bandwagon, but are they considering the real implications of these laws? [Read More]