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Western Pennsylvania is second to none. We have an excellent environment to raise families, tremendous traditions and a wonderful community, as well as great sports... [Read More]
Nov. 8, 2016: The day America died. Trump was elected and the rest is history. The Constitution is now nothing more than toilet paper. This... [Read More]
We have all heard about the frogs being placed in a pot of cold water that's put on the stove. As the water gets hotter... [Read More]
Bernard Montell's letter regarding Gov. Tom Wolf's insatiable appetite for taxes and spending only scratched the surface of state's prodigal tendencies. While the recently passed... [Read More]
Blackhawk School voters must get involved. Voters were purposely misinformed at the South Beaver polls by the vice president of the current school board to... [Read More]
It's official: The Trump administration has a plan to deal with mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac — by returning them to the same quasi-governmental... [Read More]
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