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Thousands of Polish and NATO troops have launched major defensive exercises in Poland's north amid security concerns raised by war games recently held by neighboring... [Read More]
Watch Video JUDY WOODRUFF: This week, Russia has been conducting a large-scale military exercise within the territory of one of its neighbors, Belarus, a former... [Read More]
VLADIMIR Putin has showcased the chilling military power at his disposal during a live fire drill in Belarus. [Read More]
Russian allies in eastern Europe are attempting to tamp down fears of war breaking out in the region, as the international community continues to keep... [Read More]
The hysteria around the exercises puts unprecedented pressures on Minsk. [Read More]
On the last day of joint Russian-Belarusian military exercises that rattled the countries' neighbors, the president of Belarus says all Russian forces will leave his... [Read More]
The second phase of the Zapad 2017 war games is over. During this stage of the joint drills, servicemen from Russia and Belarus carried out... [Read More]
War games code named 'Zapad' or 'West' are taking place near Minsk amid Nato fears Moscow is using the training as a cover to station... [Read More]
Fall brings a panoply of paranoia to local theater, from satire (a Gogol stage adaptation) to deadly serious (Belarus Free Theatre). [Read More]
Belarus said on Wednesday the West had no reason to fear attack by its close ally Russia or that Moscow could leave behind forces after... [Read More]
Mr Trump's debut at the UNGA was closely watched, as it takes place amid a series of missile tests by North Korea and massive military exercises... [Read More]
A residential building in Minsk, Belarus, July 2017. (Dan Kitwood/Getty Images) [Read More]
The week-long war games in Russia and Belarus, dubbed 'Zapad' for 'West,' have nerves on edge in eastern NATO countries that are deeply distrustful of... [Read More]
Pity, poor Veishnoria. Russia and Belarus are conquering the nation with a mighty show of military force that began on Thursday. Veishnoria, fortunately, happens to... [Read More]
Display of nationalism sparks fears of growing support for right-wing party... [Read More]
The Russian military says its warships have test-fired cruise missiles in an exercise that comes along with weeklong war games held by Russia and Belarus.... [Read More]
Screenshot A Russian news site published spectacular video Sep. 19 of a Russian attack helicopter apparently letting one of its air-to-ground rockets loose... [Read More]
Russia's Ministry of Defense has denied that footage spreading online that shows what appears to be a Russian military helicopter firing into a crowd of... [Read More]
Belarus is building a nuclear power plant 40km from the Lithuanian capital that, according to Lithuania, breaks international rules and in the case of an... [Read More]