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Dylann Roof, the white supremacist who killed nine black worshipers at a church in Charleston, made a show of defiance at his trial and waltzed... [Read More]
Behold the Small Buildings of Tokyo, as found by John Einarsen. Kyoto Journal's Instagram page is a wonder; I want to live in all of... [Read More]
A sex doll rental service in China has shut its doors, at least for the time being, after the novel offering proved controversial. People who... [Read More]
Google images could not uncover the origin off this fluffy yet menacing elder one. If this is your adorable abysm of immemorial lunacy, drop us... [Read More]
Freedom of information requests for public records are getting harder to complete, especially now that some governments are suing requesters. (more…) [Read More]
Fresh off a decisive victory against a man who used Pepe the Frog in an Islamophobic children's book (previously), artist Matt Furie is fighting alt-right... [Read More]
The fine folks at Super Deluxe mounted a camera on a train traveling through the desert, and it's as relaxing and scenic as it sounds.... [Read More]
Mogol Art Animals are Japanese pipe cleaner kits that transform into charming kawaii animals. Watch this bear unboxing through completion. (more…) [Read More]
Someone on the D&D 5th Edition Facebook group posted a link to these really lovely and very playable-looking 5e character sheets. The designer of the... [Read More]
This is the Dadbag. It's a fanny pack that looks like a guy's belly.* On Bored Panda, its designer, Albert Pukies of... [Read More]
California Gov. Jerry Brown compared Trump supporters to cave dwellers at an event in New York. He also said that everything Trump does, including the... [Read More]
Watch this persistent gentleman try three times to get knocked over by a kid on a scooter. He finally makes it happen but he didn't... [Read More]
Georgia Tech student Scout Shultz refused to put down a closed multitool and walked toward cops, daring them to shoot. So they did. ... [Read More]
Salto is a jumping robot from UC Berkeley's Biomimetic Millisystems Lab. It has aerodynamic thrusters to ensure it lands on its foot. [via... [Read More]
Nigel Stanford enlisted the talents of a number of Kuka industrial robots to perform "Automatica." Here's a video of the robot testing: ... [Read More]
With just his violin and his hands, Sebastiaan Kulwanowski creates an amazing Super Mario Bros. soundtrack. He says on his YouTube page that he created... [Read More]
If Michael Ramirez can win two Pulitzers for labeling alarming things with the word "DEBT", I think Alan McAtee should win one for this photograph... [Read More]
In July, the Director of the World Wide Web Consortium overruled dozens of members' objections to publishing a DRM standard without a compromise to protect... [Read More]
Not cool dude. The young son of WBO middleweight champ Billy Joe Saunders might have thought he was being funny when he punched opponent Willie... [Read More]
For $5 the Crazy Cube is a great trick and small enough to carry in your pocket. The spectator puts a die into a small... [Read More]