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Ever since I started using these nylon mesh zipper bags, my travel experience has improved. I have one bag for paper stuff and pens, one... [Read More]
Whether you are Instagram famous, or have just a moderately large following of 1,000 followers, This Is Not A Sushibar is a restaurant in Milan... [Read More]
Quick! Get some of these sexist facial tissues while you still can. It took them 60 years but Kleenex is finally renaming their... [Read More]
Anti-gay (and anti-fun) protestors have sued the Houston Public Library over the Drag Queen Storytime events. From the Houston Chronicle: ... [Read More]
The Saudi entourage who went to the embassy in Turkey to cut off journalist Jamal Khashoggi's fingers, inject him with a drug to silence him,... [Read More]
In the market for a Ferris Wheel? Carousel? Scrambler? Go-kart Fleet? How about just a Chili Cheese Dispenser? The entire contents of the Heritage Square... [Read More]
Allow notifications. Change your homepage to this website. Privacy notification. Age verification. Location verification. Subscribe to our newsletter. Chat with our bot. Disable your ad... [Read More]
One of the most remarkable things about the Saudis' torture and execution of dissident Jamal Khashoggi and their attempted cover-up is the end-to-end full-spectrum incompetence... [Read More]
The latest Humble Bundle features up to 26 DRM-free ebooks (including In Real Life, the graphic novel Jen Wang and I created) at prices ranging... [Read More]
On November 1, select doctors will be able to prescribe a visit to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts under a new initiative. Physicians who... [Read More]
until now. Most likely because of Japan's recent two typhoons followed by warm weather, people have spotted cherry blossoms from "Kyushu, in western... [Read More]
According to CNN, surveillance footage show one of the Saudi men suspected of murdering Jamal Khashoggi wearing the dead man's clothes and a fake beard... [Read More]
The Wood Database presents the hardest woods. 10. Cebil 9. Katalox 8. Black Ironwood 7. African Blackwood 6. Camelthorn 5. Verawood 4. Snakewood 3.... [Read More]
The remote north Ontario city of Thunder Bay leads Canada in murders and hate crimes and features a local government mired in scandal, from a... [Read More]
Isotopium is a "remote reality" game that challenges players to pilot real miniature tank-drones around a massive, super-detailed scale model of Pripyat, the Ukrainian ghost-town... [Read More]
No matter what your business, Microsoft's slate of Office software is as essential as desks and chairs - so much so that most workers are... [Read More]
The Making of "The Empire Strikes Back", the rare 1980 French TV movie documentary about the second film in the Star Wars trilogy, was considered... [Read More]
YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki's annual letter to creators takes a strong position on Article 13 of the EU Copyright Directive, which forces companies offering public... [Read More]
It's ironic that conservative casino owner Sheldon Adelson, who has made $30 billion by exploiting gambling addiction, contributes vast sums of money to fight marijuana... [Read More]
Documents. Newspapers. Ancient tomes of forbidden knowledge. Golden tickets. Movies and television shows are full of such seemingly banal objects. But each and every one... [Read More]