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Malia Obama, 18, former President Barack Obama's eldest daughter, made a secret educational trip to Bolivia and Peru in late November, according to The New York Times. [Read More]
A Pakistani cyclist pedalling around Bolivia comes across indigenous women wrestlers called the 'fighting cholitas'... [Read More]
La justicia boliviana determinó el sábado prisión preventiva para el supervisor de tránsito de vuelo del avión LaMia, que se accidentó en Colombia y dejó 71 muertos. Además, Teodovich está acusado de... [Read More]
Ghost Recon: Wildlands single-player gameplay walkthrough The Ghost... [Read More]
El presidente boliviano Evo Morales espera poder restablecer las relaciones diplomáticas con Estados Unidos, rotas desde hace ocho años, durante la administración de Donald Trump. "¡Ojalá! con el nuevo presidente en Estados... [Read More]
Ghost Recon: Wildlands takes the strategic, squad-based shooter out of the futuristic setting as seen in recent entries and into the open world of cartel-infested Bolivia. It's quite the change to make, and... [Read More]
During her year off following her high school graduation, she made sure to see and learn about the world by traveling to Bolivia and Peru. [Read More]
What a way to start her gap year. ... [Read More]
Malia Obama secretly traveled to Bolivia and Peru late last year, spending nearly three months in South America on an educational trip. The New York Times reported Thursday that President Obama's eldest daughter... [Read More]
Malia Obama has taken a secret trip to Bolivia and Peru. Malia took part in an educational trip organised for students on a gap year before ... [Read More]
Malia Obama went under the radar for three months visiting Bolivia and Peru. [Read More]
Climate change is already thawing ski slopes from Utah to Bolivia; now, Europe may be the next to lose its powder. That's because the Alps (which boast some of Europe's most popular slopes)... [Read More]
The open house will take place from 4 to 8 p.m. Jan. 30 in the Cooperative Extension Training Room, Building N, at 25 Referendum Drive, Bolivia. [Read More]
Malia Obama secretly spent over two months traveling throughout Bolivia and Peru — get all the details on her trip! [Read More]
President Obama's oldest daughter Malia embarked on a secret three-month educational trip through the mountains and jungles of Bolivia and Peru with no special treatment allowed – except for the security detail. Malia,... [Read More]
In Bolivia, I went in search of chicha, the legendary Andean mountain drink traditionally made by women who chewed up corn to kick off the fermentation process. [Read More]
President Obama's eldest daughter got a firsthand look at Bolivia, which has a tense relationship with the United States. [Read More]
Bolivian Environment and Water Minister Alexandra Moreira resigned on Wednesday before she was scheduled to testify in front of the country's legislative assembly about shortages of potable water amid the worst drought in... [Read More]
Sin embargo, explicó: "ya no compete que yo asista a una interpelación al haber sido aceptada mi renuncia." Entre las crítica que recibió se mencionaron las represas que abastecen a la capital... [Read More]
Vuelco de un autobús deja 13 muertos y 32 heridos en Bolivia Según el informe preliminar de la policía el autobús se accidentó al tratar de girar en una curva. Se... [Read More]