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Statement Summary:  MOKGWEETSI E.K. MASISI, Vice-President of Botswana, said the United Nations was the only universal organization with the moral authority to seek solutions to the... [Read More]
1 Elephants killed: Nine elephants were electrocuted near a village in eastern Botswana this week after they came into contact with a fallen power line... [Read More]
25 September 2017). [Read More]
The animals downed a power line after jostling to get at a pool formed from a gushing supply line in central Botswana... [Read More]
* Peregrine Diamonds successfully completes 2017 work program at Chidliak and provides Botswana project update... [Read More]
At one of Africa's most progressive safari destinations, all-female guides are a success with guests from around the world... [Read More]
* Lucara Diamond Corp - amendment to Botswana Precious & Semi Precious Stones (Protection) Act described in a news article to have no impact on... [Read More]
Nine elephants were electrocuted in central Botswana in a freak accident near the village of Dukwi. [Read More]
Speakers: Ms. Jayathma Wickramanayake, (UN Envoy on Youth), Ms. Hon. Bogolo Kenewendo, (Member of Parliament of Botswana), Ms. Sebastian Kurz, (Minister of Foreign Affairs, Austria)Moderator:... [Read More]
Nine elephants were electrocuted in a freak accident in Botswana after one of them knocked into an electricity pole and the high-voltage power line fell... [Read More]
Nine elephants were electrocuted in a freak accident in Botswana after one of them knocked into an electricity pole and the high-voltage power line fell... [Read More]
James Akena/Reuters North Korea has had friendly relations with many African countries since the anti-colonial struggles of the 1960s, which it supported. Several African... [Read More]
Sanitary pads are expensive. And in some parts of the world, hard to come by. So why not give pads away for free? It's an... [Read More]
About 25% of all maternal deaths occur during pregnancy; 99% of these maternal deaths occur in developing countries and half of these occur in Sub-Saharan... [Read More]
The government of Botswana announced on Thursday that it has donated a vaccine for Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) to neighbouring Zimbabwe in order to... [Read More]
Dogs might not have campaign signs, buttons, or televised debates, but packs in Botswana are still democratic. Moreover, they cast their votes by sneezing, researchers... [Read More]
Allegations of computer hacking in Kenya's August 8 election have reignited a debate around the use of digital technology in national votes, with experts wondering... [Read More]
Safari newcomer Natural Selection is setting a new standard for luxury adventure with the debut of its first lodge. [Read More]
Visit the post for more. [Read More]
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