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At least there is this: Few prognosticators, including this one, pegged the Washington game as a win for the Colorado Buffaloes heading into the 2017. [Read More]
Washington 37, Colorado 10How it happened: After a back-and-forth and fairly even first half, Washington dominated the second half. [Read More]
Phillip Lindsay is somewhat of a champion for the little guy. Colorado's 5-foot-8, 190-pound star running isn't very big, but he sure plays like it. [Read More]
Colleen Siemian and her husband, Walter, sat in Section 128, just above the visiting team's tunnel and next to a group of Cowboys fans wearing... [Read More]
Nederland could see its first snow of the fall season on Saturday night as the National Weater Service is predicting that a storm system in... [Read More]
In the official city of Boulder organizational chart, reproduced in its 2018 budget document, the "community" is on top. [Read More]
President Trump's speech to the United Nations was well delivered. But it was a strange mishmash of topics and tones, in parts celebrating realpolitik but... [Read More]
We are going to vote "Yes" on city measures 2L, 2O, and 2P (2L-O-P) this election. We hope you will join us. [Read More]
I believe there are five issues that are crucial to Boulder's ability to pursue municipalization that were decided by the PUC. [Read More]
Recently, the Camera published an account of vote suppression in Kansas, under Kris Kobach, who now heads the national "voter fraud" commission. [Read More]
The Windy Gap November ballot issue will ask voters to decide whether they support the City Council's decision to approve building storage for Longmont at... [Read More]
Recently, I sent out a request on an Erie website for people to share their stories about living with fracking in their neighborhoods. I received... [Read More]
During recent public meetings, the City Council and mayor have claimed that they cannot do anything to protect the public's and, specifically, children's health and... [Read More]
Don Sherwood's letter to the editor, "Blame Mother Nature for hurricanes" (Daily Camera Open Forum, Sept. [Read More]
As a Boulder resident and wind energy advocate, I'd like to correct misleading statements in William DeOreo's recent commentary ("Windmills are not the answer," Daily... [Read More]
The clicker does not reside in Jonathan Lucroy's locker, so the televisions hanging from the ceilings at Petco Park flashed with ballgames from the around... [Read More]
A group of passionate Longmont and Boulder County residents and speakers from a variety of organizations gathered at a meeting hosted by the Colorado Rail... [Read More]
Boulder police have placed the city on accident alert as of about 4:40 p.m. on Saturday. [Read More]
The Monarch football team won't be confused with the 'No Fly Zone' anytime soon. With that said, though, the Coyotes on the defensive side of... [Read More]