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Alexis and Sade Moore always knew they'd return to their hometown. After spending 12 years in "Corporate America," the sisters opened Lake Jackson's first Smoothie... [Read More]
Jones Creek's Board of Alderman will vote on whether or not to levy the effective tax rate of 46.27 cents per $100 of home value... [Read More]
Freeport police arrested two Angleton men and charged them with first-degree felonies for intent to sell drugs after a traffic stop Saturday morning, Freeport Police... [Read More]
Letters from Facts readers about parolees need an opportunity to work and President Trump doing what he was elected to do. [Read More]
The first peek at the politics of the next legislative session is gestating in San Antonio and points west, where an election today will decide... [Read More]
With the price of natural gas and oil having dropped significantly in recent years, their use has become more affordable for generating electricity. In the... [Read More]
This time of year has brought uncertainty to many families. Plus, with activity in the Gulf and with our friends in the Carolinas dealing with... [Read More]
Columbia's junior varsity Roughnecks improved to 3-0 on the season after beating the Sweeny Bulldogs, 14-6, Thursday at Griggs Field. [Read More]
BRAZORIA... [Read More]
After serving the city for 33 years, David Jordan will retire from his position as Brazoria's Public Works Director in January. [Read More]
Acclaim and a shame is a collection of quick hits of praise and commentary on local, state and national issues written by members of The... [Read More]
Through several different locations, expansions and historical eras, Blue Run Baptist Church has remained a constant in West Columbia. [Read More]
The Brazosport Symphony League recently presented the Brazopsport Symphony Orchestra a check for $10,000. The Symphony League is a nonprofit organization that raises money and... [Read More]
Young children are notoriously picky eaters, but the fruit served in Rancho Isabella Elementary's cafeteria has one key selling point: It's from Texas. [Read More]
The late Harry Truman, whom we always regarded as "unbridled" until here lately, advised folks affected adversely by the heat to stay out of the... [Read More]
Thinking about "The Last Picture Show", "The Last Cowboy Song" and my final boat ride with Reed all seem to tell a wonderful story about... [Read More]