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In the field of engineering, there are several forces that scientists have to deal with when building structures or creating devices. One such force, adhesion—... [Read More]
Faculty from a variety of departments representing diverse projects received the 2018 Research Seed Awards. [Read More]
On Feb. 14, the #FullDisclosure campaign issued a letter asking universities to release their internal data on policies regarding legacy status consideration. [Read More]
"Happiness, then, is apparently something complete and self-sufficient, since it is the end of the things achievable in action," Aristotle said. [Read More]
Since its conception nearly seven years ago, a continuously revolving group of University undergraduates has been diligently working to send a satellite into space. [Read More]
Course offerings for fall 2018 were released a few weeks ago on Courses@Brown. As I searched through the classes each department will offer next semester,... [Read More]
A bill that would require Uber, Lyft and taxi drivers to undergo a national background check before being allowed to work in the state went... [Read More]
Last month the Brown University Chess Team won the Inter-Ivy League Chess Championship for the second year in a row. The tournament, which was held... [Read More]
In the ever-evolving realm of health care in the United States, advancements in patient education have illuminated the need to change the structure of doctor-patient... [Read More]
​Several administrators attended the Undergraduate Council of Students' general body meeting Wednesday to discuss a working group proposal that would increase support for students whose... [Read More]
While the Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology stands at the edge of the Main Green, it remains relatively unexplored by most students. [Read More]
Providence drivers have paid over $735,000 for traffic violations since the City installed five portable camera units around school zones Jan. 16, according to Billy... [Read More]
On March 12, 1990, over 60 physically disabled individuals threw themselves out of their wheelchairs, abandoned their crutches and left their walkers behind to protest... [Read More]
Cadence Willse GS and Prabhdeep Kehal GS are the first graduate fellows to join the Swearer Center for Public Service's new two-year program in Community... [Read More]
The Gallery at City Hall unveiled its newest pieces from Irish artist Siobhan Cox-Carlos March 15. Cox-Carlos' exhibit, "'GLÁS' (GREEN): A Contemporary View of the... [Read More]
Every semester, a group of students heads down to Washington, where they have the chance to immerse themselves in the world of public service on... [Read More]
Anticipation hung palpably in 50 Exchange Terrace's Narragansett-soaked Stout Irish Sports Pub Tuesday night as students awaited the announcement of the 2018 Spring Weekend lineup. [Read More]
In the wake of the 2015 San Bernardino terror attack, the nation witnessed a new and unfamiliar debate when the FBI — in possession of... [Read More]
The legal threat that halted the Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice's planned Rosa Parks exhibit is truly disappointing ("Rosa Parks Exhibition Canceled,"... [Read More]
Throughout last Wednesday night's multimedia performance at the Rhode Island School of Design Auditorium entitled "Qyrq Qyz," the composition of the stage shifted: The only... [Read More]
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