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Same-sex marriage, which Taiwan could become the first Asian nation to authorise, is currently legal in around 20 countries around the world, 13 of which... [Read More]
A fossilized tooth belonging to an ape-like creature that roamed Bulgaria 7.2 million years ago could rewrite history as we know it. Scientists say the... [Read More]
The split of our own clade from the Panini is undocumented in the fossil record. To fill this gap we investigated the dentognathic morphology of... [Read More]
Fossils from Greece and Bulgaria of an ape-like creature that lived 7.2 million years ago may fundamentally alter the understanding of human origins, casting doubt... [Read More]
Arkady Dvorkovich and Mehmet Simsek.On Nov. 24, 2015, the shooting down of a Russian fighter jet led to an unprecedented crisis in Turkey-Russia ties and... [Read More]
It looks like we humans may have evolved from an ape-like creature found Bulgaria and Greece, not Africa. [Read More]
The last common ancestor of chimps and humans was an eastern European, claims team that analysed fossils of a 7-million-year-old ape from Bulgaria and Greece... [Read More]
Scientists analyzing 7.2 million-year-old fossils uncovered in modern-day Greece and Bulgaria suggest a new hypothesis about the origins of humankind, placing it in the Eastern... [Read More]
With new analyses of Graecopithecus fossils from Greece and Bulgaria, researchers argue for possible hominid origins in Europe, not Africa. [Read More]
Cinestudio, at 300 Summit St. on the campus of Cinestudio in Hartford, is showing two unique films: a new comedy from Bulgaria and a classic... [Read More]
El jefe de aduanas Georgi Kostov informó que la droga estaba en un camión que detuvieron en el Puente Danubio cerca de Vidin, a 200... [Read More]
Bulgarian customs agents have seized some 423 kilograms (933 pounds) of heroin worth an estimated $34 million at a border checkpoint with Romania. Customs chief... [Read More]
Like all working mums, Colleen Theriault has her hands full with her four-year-old son and a full-time career as head baker at a patisserie in... [Read More]
Bulgarian law enforcement authorities have seized 423 kg of heroin at Danube Bridge checkpoint near Vidin at the border with Romania, officials said here on... [Read More]
Ivet Lalova-Collio of Bulgaria powered to victory in the women's 100, clocking a time of 11.40 to beat Tawanna Meadows of the United States by... [Read More]
Glamour model gran Sharon Perkins with 32MM breasts pictured in Bulgaria with her dogs as she takes a stroll... [Read More]
Hosted by: UN Permanent Mission of Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Canada, Japan, Luxembourg, Panama, Thailand, Zambia & Zimbabwe; Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children, UN-NGLS &... [Read More]
HOHENFELS, Germany- Naval Special Warfare operators from U.S. Special Operations Command along with NATO Special Operations Forces from Albania, Bulgaria and Lithuania partnered with the... [Read More]
Being a new parent can have its ups and downs. It is a series of trial and error, and it can be very daunting, especially... [Read More]
From the Tampa Bay Times comes the All Eyes photo blog, featuring the best photojournalism from the Times staff and beyond.    Maiya Stevenson performs... [Read More]