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As far as Google is concerned, growth in podcasting "can't only come from America." [Read More]
Immigration authorities have no intention of reuniting parents separated from their kids until they're about to be deported or released from detention. [Read More]
The Christmas Switch is my most anticipated movie of the year tbh – after A Christmas Prince 2. [Read More]
We don't talk about this movie enough. [Read More]
There's no red carpet quite like the MTV red carpet. [Read More]
"I've only watched one episode of #QueerEye2 and I am Emotionally Compromised." [Read More]
"The devil works hard. Kris Jenner works harder. Beyoncé works hardest." [Read More]
Which animal sidekick will you choose? [Read More]
There was a pig situation and we were like, "This feels off." [Read More]
I finally decided to investigate my dad's secret life...I had no idea what I was getting myself into. [Read More]
The Sydney-based officer shared videos in a Snapchat group called "No Snitches." [Read More]
Choose your succulents wisely. [Read More]
Wtf even are chickens?! [Read More]
Two female students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas reported a 39-year-old campus guard for sexual harassment. One of the girls later died in the massacre. [Read More]
Set It Up is GOOD good, not just so-bad-it's-good. [Read More]
Good luck, Rob Manfred. [Read More]
Fan-favorite curling irons, straighteners, dryers, and no-heat tools with photos that speak for themselves! [Read More]
"It's very hard to know what my path would have been had this not happened," the musician told BuzzFeed News. [Read More]
Just call us Buzz & Jerry's. [Read More]
The actor who plays Peter ACTUALLY did his head-slamming-on-desk stunt himself. [Read More]