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From mooches to pukers, CBC reporter Bill Copps explained some of the lingo CBC News viewers might hear when visiting Toronto's CNE in 1986. [Read More]
For young people touched by crime, the Windsor Police Service do something special. The gesture comes in the form of a stuffed teddy bear, as part... [Read More]
An Edmonton-area woman says the dye she credits with helping to save her from cancer is causing her burning pain years later. [Read More]
A recent study from the University of British Columbia found that biodiversity on Indigenous-managed land is 40 per cent greater compared to non-protected regions in... [Read More]
For decades, doctors have depended on surgery, radiation and chemotherapy to treat cancer patients. The new hope for many cancer scientists and patients is the... [Read More]
From delightful earworms to tearjerker ballads, get ready to relive some childhood favourites. [Read More]
Jack Letts, a British-Canadian man often known as Jihadi Jack in the media, has reportedly been stripped of his British citizenship in a decision that... [Read More]
Search and rescue teams are looking for a four-year-old boy who went missing in the bush near Mackenzie, B.C., about 180 kilometres north of Prince George. ... [Read More]
Photo essay of a small Alberta rodeo set in the UNESCO world heritage site of Writing-On-Stone provincial park. [Read More]
An imam recorded on video making controversial remarks about homosexuality at a Edmonton Islamic school says his comments were taken out of context. [Read More]
In 2012, Brock University's volunteer Muslim chaplain compared homosexuality to cancer or AIDS. [Read More]
A parade with 12,000 marchers, including politicians from three levels of government, capped off 11 days of festivities in the 36th edition of Montréal Pride. [Read More]
In this week's Canada Votes newsletter: How could the ethics commissioner's report affect the election? Plus: Éric Grenier takes a look at how the polls... [Read More]
Jack Letts, a British-Canadian man who is accused of travelling to Syria to fight for ISIS, was reportedly stripped of his British citizenship, according to... [Read More]
The cartoonist set to replace Michael de Adder at Brunswick News Inc. says he no longer wants to work for the company and asked that his cartoons be... [Read More]
The gun used in an attack on an Australian man and his Canadian fiancée in New Zealand last week has not yet been recovered, according... [Read More]
A group of religious protesters interrupted drag queen a story-telling event for children in Ottawa on Saturday, claiming the event was "child abuse." [Read More]
A 26-year-old man has been charged and arrested after a hit and run in Gatineau overnight Sunday. ... [Read More]
Two people were taken to hospital with serious injuries after a single-vehicle crash near Ottawa's southwestern edge Saturday morning. [Read More]
Camp Ignite is a summer program for teenage girls from across B.C. It offers hands-on opportunities to try firefighting skills and drills. [Read More]