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Officials say 17 people died when a duck boat capsized and sank in a storm in Branson, Missouri. Fourteen people survived and officials say they've... [Read More]
CBS News' Kylie Atwood and Margaret Brennan broke the news of the planned evacuation of the all-volunteer rescue group last week... [Read More]
The White House says President Trump will invite Vladimir Putin to Washington this fall for a second official meeting between the leaders. The announcement came... [Read More]
Voters in Florida say they don't think the Parkland shooting will play a role in this year's midterm elections. CBS News political correspondet Ed O'Keefe... [Read More]
A CBS News investigation has uncovered a medical scheme that pays opioid addicts hundreds of dollars in cash to get a surgical implant that promises... [Read More]
Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats says he doesn't think President Trump should have met with Vladimir Putin alone. He also said he was surprised... [Read More]
The White House has rejected Russian President Vladimir Putin's offer to send 12 election meddling suspects to the U.S. for interrogation in exchange for the... [Read More]
The Israeli parliament passed a controversial bill Thursday that declares the country a "nation-state of the Jewish people." Several countries are condemning the law, and... [Read More]
The White House announced Thursday that another meeting will occur between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. This time, it would be in Washington.... [Read More]
Maria Butina, the Russian national accused of working as a spy, was denied bail and will remain in jail. Prosecutors argued she posed as an... [Read More]
Three days after the private meeting between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats acknowledged he doesn't know what... [Read More]
In an interview with "CBS Evening News" anchor Jeff Glor, President Trump addressed a possible Democratic opponent in the 2020 presidential race. "I dream about... [Read More]
CBS News Elections and Surveys Director Anthony Salvanto joined CBSN to break down the latest findings, including how Americans are responding to the summit and... [Read More]
Chris Kudla started working at the Riverside Police Department about a year before he was diagnosed with kidney cancer. Since he didn't have enough sick... [Read More]
A CBS News investigation found that some vulnerable addicts are being paid to get a Naltrexone implant, which is not approved by the FDA and... [Read More]
CBS News' Major Garrett points out the second meeting between Trump and Putin would come ahead of 2018 U.S. midterm elections... [Read More]
A CBS News investigation found that addicts are being paid hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars in cash to get the 30-minute outpatient procedure... [Read More]
"Trump could end this in one or two sentences. Just say 'I accept what the intelligence community and everyone else has said happened, and this... [Read More]
A CBS News investigation has uncovered an industry of recruiters taking advantage of struggling addicts. It lures them into getting a non-FDA approved Naltrexone implant,... [Read More]
In an interview with CBS News, President Trump said he dreams of running against Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential race. "CBS Evening News" anchor... [Read More]
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