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The U.S. National Security Agency will no longer sift through emails, texts and other internet communications from U.S. citizens that mention foreign targets under surveillance. [Read More]
Net neutrality is like a public park that anyone can use. 'Pay-To-Play' is a private club that only rich members use.What happens to the internet... [Read More]
Diane Greene, senior vice president of Google Cloud, recently announced that Google will pull ahead of Amazon as the leader in cloud technology by 2022.... [Read More]
Organizations are facing disruption on many fronts. But don't fret: Disruption can be a good thing, if you use it to redefine your strategies and... [Read More]
Enterprises are quickly discovering that the roads leading to digital transformation are besieged with unforeseen tolls, causing delays and added expenses. While that may oversimplify... [Read More]
With the right conceptual framework, organizations and business units can plan and align the relevant stakeholders to maximize the success of data analytics initiatives. [Read More]
Google and Microsoft are both benefiting from solid growth in enterprise cloud services. Both companies released earnings reports this week that highlighted significant momentum in... [Read More]
The shift from information to intelligence requires an analytics foundation that can unleash the power of data... [Read More]
A new malware program that targets macOS users is capable of spying on encrypted browser traffic and stealing sensitive information. [Read More]
Cloud-based services and infrastructure are boosting the financial performances of Microsoft and Google. In earnings calls this week, Google says it has developed 'deep enterprise'... [Read More]
VF, parent of The North Face, Timberland, Wrangler and other clothing and footwear brands, is promoting Sandra Harris to CIO effective January 1, 2018. Harris,... [Read More]
Qualtrics has gone from the Silicon Slopes of Utah, building software for university researchers, to a platform of tools used by the world's biggest brands... [Read More]
Much of the talk at NetSuite's annual conference SuiteWorld has been of new parent company Oracle's plans for the firm's global expansion, but the world's... [Read More]
Homemade musical instruments don't usually work out very well. I remember the experiment we all had to do with the rubber bands and the empty... [Read More]
This handy P-touch labeler is lightweight, portable and easy to use. It features a Qwerty Keyboard and easy-view display. It comes with a variety of... [Read More]
Among 21 wearables tested, Fitbit's fitness watch Blaze is the best device for workplace wellness programs, according to a new study from Sprinbuk, a health... [Read More]
Drivers in France might be able to blame terrorists for their next speeding ticket, as police there crack down on mobile apps warning of their... [Read More]
The majority of IT leaders are happy with the H-1B visa program as is and say that proposed changes will make it harder to fill... [Read More]
If you're a network engineer, don't rush out and learn a programming language. To compete in the new world of software-defined networking, it might be... [Read More]
Fish school. Birds flock. Bees swarm. A combination of real-time, biological systems blends knowledge, wisdom, opinions and intuition to unify intelligence. There's no central control... [Read More]
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