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Intel's artificial intelligence efforts have been scattered over many different units but are now being united into a single operating group. [Read More]
The U.S. Senate has voted to kill broadband provider privacy regulations prohibiting them from selling customers' web-browsing histories and other data without permission. [Read More]
Steven Bay, a former defense contractor, knows a thing or two about insider threats. For a brief period, he was the boss of Edward Snowden,... [Read More]
Marketing pros and business owners share tips on how to use gaming techniques to attract, educate and retain customers -- and sell more stuff. [Read More]
Cisco security research breaks down the anatomy of a cyberattack throughout the exploit kit infection chain, all the way to ransomware attacks and investigation into... [Read More]
Does Silicon Valley's latest quick-fix for its diversity problem actually work? Or does it just reinforce biases? [Read More]
Learn how using candidate personas can improve the diversity of your candidate pool when sourcing and recruiting. [Read More]
Last week, the Trump administration announced the appointment of a White House cybersecurity coordinator. That's a good first step, security experts say, but the government... [Read More]
Pre-paid data SIM cards are a great way to get 4G LTE data on a device without paying for a long-term contract. Here are seven... [Read More]
By the time Computerworld was born in 1967, IBM was well established as the kingpin for computer storage. But over the next five decades, that... [Read More]
Apple has acquired the Workflow automation app, which allows iOS users to trigger a sequence of tasks across apps with a single tap. [Read More]
More than 40 years after founding Apple Computer, Steve Wozniak has a lot to say about the early days of the world's richest company --... [Read More]
Developers of the popular LastPass password manager rushed to push out a fix to solve a serious vulnerability that could have allowed attackers to steal... [Read More]
AIG, Sempra Energy, and Yale University are among several organizations that named new CIOs as the first quarter of FY17 comes to a close. [Read More]
LinkedIn is taking cues from its social networking counterparts and is releasing a separate feed of news articles and topics based on your interests and... [Read More]
In a departure from using AI and machine learning tools for tasks such as automating customer service, some companies are applying the technologies to grow... [Read More]
Via Technologies is now shipping new 360-degree cameras for under $100, making it more affordable for users to capture and play virtual reality content in... [Read More]
Thanks to Vodafone, the Taurus-Littrow Valley will get its first mobile phone base station next year. [Read More]
A group of hackers is threatening to wipe millions of iOS devices in two weeks if Apple doesn't pay them US$150,000. [Read More]
End-user Computing as the Next Generation of Workforce Productivity... [Read More]
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