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Andrew Moore, the dean of Carnegie Mellon University's computer science school, says this hasn't happened yet — but he's worried. [Read More]
Students and faculty at Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science are collaborating with the digital media intelligence firm Meltwater to advance the state of... [Read More]
The Friday Aug. 10 episode of the HISTORY series ''In Search Of,'' hosted by actor and Carnegie Mellon University alum Zachary Quinto, will feature a segment... [Read More]
and versatile... [Read More]
The CERT Division of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University today announced the release of its Source Code Analysis Laboratory (SCALe) application.... [Read More]
ONR, NRL and Carnegie Mellon University have entered into an agreement to encourage and strengthen studies in the scientific disciplines. [Read More]
Assistant Professor Position available at Carnegie Mellon University, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering in Pittsburgh, PA. Resp. [Read More]
About this Video: In this video, a pair of experts discuss the potential synergies between brain research and artificial intelligence advancements. About the Speakers: Dr.... [Read More]
For the first time here, a select group of local teenagers will partake in a music workshop and public concert with Carnegie Mellon University educator... [Read More]
LinkedIn software designer Aniruddh Chaturvedi moved to the US from India in 2011. In an email to Business Insider, Chaturvedi listed the most surprising things... [Read More]
Hybrid cars. Solar energy. Hydropower. In recent years, the federal government and private companies have both paid a lot of attention to clean energy. But,... [Read More]
Burton Morris grew up in Pittsburgh and went to Carnegie Mellon University. On Thursday, he helped local children explore their own versions of pop art... [Read More]
"This wouldn't have been possible without God, my friends and family, UPMC, and Carnegie Mellon University," he wrote. [Read More]
The makers of the hottest toy on Amazon last year said their next product isn't a toy at all. Anki, the California-based Carnegie Mellon University... [Read More]
Carnegie Mellon University teamed up with the Pittsburgh-based educational company WholeRen Education LLC to host the inaugural World Artificial Intelligence Competition for Youth, or WAICY... [Read More]
Using a concept from the social and decision sciences to inform an engineering problem, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have designed a method to optimize... [Read More]
Today's robots can be programmed to do many things – from vacuuming floors to assembling cars. But teaching them to recognize and correct a mistake... [Read More]
Security researchers are warning Linux system users of a bug in the Linux kernel version 4.9 and up that could be used to hit systems... [Read More]
President Donald Trump sent off a barrage of tweets this weekend, questioning, among other things, the Russia collusion investigation and the intelligence of Lebron James.... [Read More]
Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and DeepMotion used AI to teach a digital avatar how to dribble a basketball. [Read More]