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It is really one of the first steps toward going to college or community college. [Read More]
As a kid, I was to be home by dark. One time I wasn't. [Read More]
Those at the farthest ends of the political spectrum are arguing so loud and taking up so much bandwidth that there seems to be little... [Read More]
Before she blew the preseason's first whistle, Herbert Hoover girls soccer coach Brittany Woods knew there would be at least one player on her team... [Read More]
Last year around this time, the news leaked out. [Read More]
During the month of August, college football recruiting entered a dead period. Yet the West Virginia University coaching staff was still making a plan. With... [Read More]
THIS IS not a column begging the college football world to give Conference USA some respect. Nor does this represent a road map to winning... [Read More]
Football fans in southern and central West Virginia get a real treat this weekend. [Read More]
I am writing this column under protest — yeah, I know, usually most of you read this column under protest, so now we're even —... [Read More]
Kimberly Allen, 44, of Oak Hill, West Virginia, embraces her son, Michael Hodge, 19, of Oak Hill, West Virginia, during a Black Lives Matter rally... [Read More]
Activists join hands during a Black Lives Matter rally in Charleston, West Virginia, U.S., August 20, 2017. REUTERS/Marcus Constantino... [Read More]
Rosemary Ketchum, 23, of Wheeling, West Virginia, holds a sign during a Black Lives Matter rally in Charleston, West Virginia, U.S., August 20, 2017. ... [Read More]
Monik Rooks, 15, and Austin Johnson, 16, of South Point, Ohio, hold signs during a Black Lives Matter rally in Charleston, West Virginia, U.S., August... [Read More]
As fall approaches and brings with it the re-opening of our schools, soon more than 50 million elementary and secondary school students will be back... [Read More]
Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer said she wants one thing to be clear about the Black Lives Matter movement: It doesn't mean just black lives matter. [Read More]
The Associated PressCAMP MOREHEAD, Afghanistan — Signaling that the U.S. military expects its mission to continue, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan on Sunday hailed... [Read More]
Addiction can be a difficult thing to witness. People can be aware that what they are doing is dangerous and wrong. They may have had... [Read More]
West Virginia has made significant progress with cutting down waste for completing payroll and is using fewer outside contracting groups to help out, State Auditor... [Read More]
An anti-racism rally has been held at West Virginia's Capitol. The group Call to Action for Racial Equality helped organize the event Sunday evening in... [Read More]
The commissioner of the state's Division of Labor resigned late last week — the latest resignation from Gov. Jim Justice's administration since Justice switched political... [Read More]
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