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The move would be the latest in an ongoing campaign to secure recognition from the University. [Read More]
September 24, 2018. [Read More]
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The Obama Foundation announced its Jackson Park location in 2016. What's changed since then, and why hasn't construction begun? [Read More]
You can't stay in Hyde Park forever. [Read More]
"How many times have we been played about everything that comes to this community that's supposed to be for us, that's not supposed to push... [Read More]
"Don't be afraid to talk to coaches about academic setbacks, etc. Being transparent with them is important! Always put school first." —Sofia Franzon, third-year, track... [Read More]
"I hope we can bring out all the soccer fans on campus," Coach Mike Babst said. [Read More]
A recap of the biggest news items from last year, including the invitation of Steve Bannon, the introduction of a business economics track, and graduate... [Read More]
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The basics of the shuttle system and Hyde Park destinations. [Read More]
Good news, nerds: 86 percent of students want to be in a relationship, and only 33 percent are in one. [Read More]
A second-year student urges incoming students to escape the UChicago bubble and immerse themselves in politics. [Read More]
"We know that [your] policies explicitly prohibit providing alcohol to underaged individuals," the University said. [Read More]
A columnist reflects on her experience taking Ada Palmer's one-of-a-kind Italian Renaissance class. [Read More]
A Korean-Mexican fast casual restaurant is opening on 57th Street. [Read More]