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Student Government also announced details for a public forum with President Zimmer and the creation of a Sustainability Czar position on House Councils. [Read More]
Grounds of Being has been in talks with Divinity School administration about the administration's proposal to charge rent since last June, but talks broke down... [Read More]
Although previous designs involved a two-story, aboveground garage on the Midway, Foundation officials announced Monday that the garage will be built underground, beneath Jackson Park. [Read More]
The University of Chicago men's basketball team encountered a heartbreaking loss to the #10-ranked Wash U basketball squad as they lost the match 79-78. [Read More]
The Maroon women's basketball squad managed to come out victors against the #22-ranked Wash U basketball team, impressing everyone with a 82-76 win. [Read More]
The data represents the first time the two rounds of early decision and early acceptance were options for the application cycle. Just under a third... [Read More]
Seven of the eight candidates appeared at the forum, which was moderated by NBC 5 News political reporter Mary Ann Ahern. [Read More]
"Bright," starring Will Smith, is Netflix's latest attempt at disrupting the film industry. [Read More]
The money will help answer important questions about the basic science of protein evolution and to launch educational initiatives in Chicago. [Read More]
Over a hundred and fifty professors signed the letter advocating for maintaining park spaces, encouraging local businesses, and reducing taxpayer costs. [Read More]
Keep track of your elected officials in this week's Citizen Bulletin. [Read More]
While they started off the season with two impressive wins, the Maroon men's basketball team is now 4-7, looking to rebound from a rocky start... [Read More]
With their season in full session now, the UChicago women's basketball has been crushing their opponents en route to a 9-2 record. [Read More]
Raskin (A.B. '54, J.D. '57), founder of the Institute for Policy Studies, died December 24. [Read More]
Lakeside Alliance, a collective of minority-owned firms, has been chosen to manage the construction of the Center. [Read More]
Four professors received distinguished service professorships and 13 received named professorships. [Read More]
Albert believed "in theatre's ability to change the world," his collaborator said of the Court Theatre executive director. [Read More]
Catch up on developing news on campus and in Hyde Park. [Read More]
Rae Gray (A.B. '14) acts alongside Glenn Close in Amazon's "Sea Oak," based on George Saunder's short story. [Read More]
"The Last Jedi" bites the hand that feeds it—Disney as well as the fans. [Read More]