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The Pacific US state known for its drought and wildfires is officially drought-free after a staggering 376 weeks. California is now experiencing a surge of... [Read More]
American intelligence spending could rise to nearly $86 billion, a 6 percent increase that reflects the Trump administration's proposed boost in defense and national security... [Read More]
All quiet on the European front ahead of Wednesday's FOMC minutes and further U.S.-China trade news... [Read More]
A Boeing 737 Max 8 operated by Ethiopian Airlines was the second such plane to crash in five months on Sunday. No cause has... [Read More]
Connie Chan, one of the few women of color at the top of Silicon Valley, made partner at Andreessen Horowitz last year after it got... [Read More]
Read more about This Chinese company claims it will beat Tesla to be biggest EV maker on Business Standard. China Evergrande Group, the nation's second-largest... [Read More]
Boeing and Airbus expected to capture almost 90% of passenger aircraft sales for the next two decades. Emerging competition from Russia and China was expected t... [Read More]
Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Corp said on Tuesday its fourth-quarter net profit more than tripled to 1.85 billion yuan ($275.59 million), on stronger revenue. [Read More]
Jia Tolentino on the Shen Yun dance troupe and its association with Falun Gong, a secretive sect that is persecuted in China. [Read More]
A delegation from Manila is in Beijing to seek loans and unlock funds for the Chinese-backed Kaliwa dam. But critics say the Duterte government has... [Read More]
India News: KOCHI: India accounts for almost one-fourth of the total groundwater extracted globally, more than that of China and the US combined thus using... [Read More]
Federal authorities say 1 million pounds (0.45 million kilograms) of pork products allegedly smuggled from China have been seized at a New Jersey port. [Read More]
A panel of advisers to the German government slashed its growth forecast for this year to 0.8 percent and warned risks related to Britain's departure... [Read More]
If you are running out of ideas in snapping the perfect selfies, China's "aunties" might inspire you. Their creative poses have set the country's social... [Read More]
China, the world's largest importer of recycled materials, instituted strict new standards on the quality of the products they'll buy. The impact is being felt... [Read More]
In an exclusive interview with CNN Business, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon tells Poppy Harlow why it's important America and China reach a comprehensive trade... [Read More]
Evelozcity is developing an electric car aimed at the mass market, a delivery van and an autonomous ride-hailing vehicle. The California aims to bring its... [Read More]
China News: China's response came after the 83-year-old Nobel peace laureate told a news agency on Monday that it was possible that once he dies... [Read More]
Inspired by their trips abroad, a couple's rustic-modern Tai Po home is the perfect antidote to couple's fast-paced lives... [Read More]