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"327mm Americans now see China as our rival, our adversary, an enemy, a rising threat to be contained. And that really matters." [Read More]
Amid stern words from both sides (China over Huawei, US over "hard deadlines" and "predatory behavior"), US futures have tumbled at the open, back below... [Read More]
China has demanded the US withdraw an arrest warrant for a Huawei executive as a senator mooted a Bill to ban Chinese telcos from doing... [Read More]
A top executive of China's Huawei Technologies Co Ltd [HWT.UL] argued that she should be let out on bail while awaiting an extradition hearing due... [Read More]
U.S. stock futures fell on Sunday night as traders feared an intensifying trade war between the United States and China. [Read More]
A controversial and classified document, alleging potential misconduct by former Attorney General Loretta Lynch has resurfaced on Dec. 7, suggesting lawmakers may press Lynch about... [Read More]
Read more about March 1 a 'hard deadline' for reaching trade deal with China: Lighthizer on Business Standard. Global markets are jittery about a collision... [Read More]
Read more about China urges Canada to free Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou or face consequences on Business Standard. Meng Wanzhou, Huawei's global chief financial officer,... [Read More]
Current chief of staff to Mike Pence tweeted his thanks to the president, but said he would be leaving at the end of the year... [Read More]
Professor Wen Zilong and team from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology win Croucher Innovation AwardGroup has been studying zebrafish, which has a similar... [Read More]
Uwe Barschel ,Chinadaily Forum... [Read More]
A top executive of China's Huawei Technologies Co Ltd argued that she should be let out on bail while awaiting an extradition hearing due to... [Read More]
Durante un fin de semana tranquilo en el cine, "Ralph Breaks the Internet" encabezó la taquilla de Estados Unidos por tercer fin de semana consecutivo,... [Read More]
In the calm before the Christmas storm at the box office, Ralph Breaks the Internet remained No. 1 for the third straight week,... [Read More]
What people are saying about President Donald Trump's meeting with President Xi Jinping. [Read More]
Gordon Chang discusses the aftermath of the Huawei controversy. [Read More]
In the calm before the Christmas storm at the box office, "Ralph Breaks the Internet" remained No. 1 for the third week, while the upcoming... [Read More]
Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou has used seven passports from China and Hong Kong in the last 11 years to enter the United States. [Read More]
Tech executives worry China will turn to tit-for-tat arrests of Americans in response to the detention of Meng Wanzhou. And the worries don't stop there.... [Read More]
U.S.-China trade negotiations need to reach a successful end by March 1 or new tariffs will be imposed, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said on... [Read More]
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