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Trump's pick for commerce secretary, along with a team of likeminded economic advisors, will be putting mainstream economic principles to the test. [Read More]
As streaming services push farther into original content, the push to fill their near-bottomless libraries has created a new wave of opportunities for artists, particularly comedians. [Read More]
Two dueling models have sought to explain the formation of the strange, barren circles in southern Africa. New research presents a different idea. [Read More]
A new technique brings the ability to edit, among other things, to 3-D printing. [Read More]
The Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday about trademarking the name of Asian-American band 'The Slants.' Perceived as offensive by some, the band's leader sees it differently. [Read More]
Dressing the first lady has long been considered an honor for fashion designers. This year, however, the choice has become more political than ever. [Read More]
Republican lawmakers are preparing to roll back the influence of the Endangered Species Act, arguing that the law is an unnecessary hindrance to economic development. [Read More]
The European Parliament elected Antonio Tajani on Tuesday to replace outgoing president Martin Schulz. Mr. Tajani faces a number of challenges, including the growing influence of anti-establishment and anti-EU political parties. [Read More]
Mr. Earnest, President Obama's spokesman, has a warning for his successor: Those tweets could undermine your message. [Read More]
Ahead of Inauguration Day, Trump supporters have come to Trump Tower, seeing it as a White House away from Washington. [Read More]
Last year was the third year in a row to shatter global heat records, a trend that scientists say shows 'big changes' are already underway. [Read More]
Washington state's top officials proposed a bipartisan bill that would repeal capital punishment, marking a unified effort on an issue that historically has found more favor in the liberal camp. [Read More]
Simon Tam of The Slants in Washington DC preparing for the final round of their trademark case: one interview call after another, checking out the Supreme Court, and going to moot court. Shot... [Read More]
No prior US president, stretching back at least four decades, has arrived on his Inauguration Day with less support. [Read More]
At least 76 people were killed in Tuesday's accidental Nigerian Air Force strike on a refugee camp as aid workers scramble to help more than 100 wounded. [Read More]
As pressure and awareness builds, some say this year could be the tipping point in the global battle against human trafficking. [Read More]
If you've bought car insurance for the past few years, you've almost certainly suffered annual increases that have outpaced inflation. Unfortunately, that trend is likely to continue in the year to come. Here's... [Read More]
The FTC voted 2 to 1 to sue Qualcomm, the world's dominant supplier of broadband processors, for allegedly withholding its chips to obtain reduced licensing fees. [Read More]
The agreement settles a protracted legal battle from 2000 initiated by 10 black agents who claimed Secret Service practices had violated the civil rights of black agents for decades. [Read More]
The incoming president's tweets could be a problem if they're not coordinated with his team, says Mr. Earnest. [Read More]