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Facebook is giving employees paid time off May 1 to join protests against President Trump's immigration policies. Critics say left-leaning Silicon Valley is pushing an... [Read More]
Bankruptcy could sabotage the governor's top-priority efforts to secure federal funding for the island's near-insolvent Medicaid system. [Read More]
The strike took place near Damascus airport on Thursday, even though Israel has largely kept out of the conflict in Syria. [Read More]
The Palestinian Authority and Hamas, who controls the enclave, are in a bitter power struggle, as the Trump administration is expected to be more sympathetic... [Read More]
Canadian courts are sometimes suspicious of asylum-seekers who have left behind applications in the United States. [Read More]
The new project catalogues 161 dog breeds based on similarities and differences in their genetic makeup. [Read More]
Conservative commentator Ann Coulter says threats of violence won't stop her from speaking at the University of California at Berkeley on Thursday. [Read More]
A newly developed unmanned robot capable of hunting and catching invasive lionfish is being tested in Bermuda where celebrity chefs have gathered for a cooking... [Read More]
NBC News reports that the founder of Wikipedia has announced plans for a crowd funded news website, in an initiative to counter the spread of... [Read More]
President Trump's latest executive order opens the door to reducing or revoking two dozen national monuments, including Bears Ears in Utah. It's far from clear,... [Read More]
The unusual meeting with all 100 U.S. Senators comes as President Trump has increased the American military presence near North Korea, and leaned on China... [Read More]
Ahead of the big summer vacation season, here are some ideas for trying something different – service. [Read More]
The sophisticated and deadly attack on one of northern Afghanistan's most secure bases served as a reminder that the Taliban, not ISIS, are the most... [Read More]
Researchers say they've found evidence that some species of human lived in the Americas about 130,000 years ago – nearly 10 times earlier than commonly... [Read More]
The science of prediction lies at the heart of the modern world, but attempts to forecast even the most straightforward systems often confound scientists, while... [Read More]
Analysis of millions of studies and patents found that the most influential science draws a clear line to the work of previous generations of scientists,... [Read More]
Many scientists say they feel compelled to march in the name of science. But for others, the foray into activism runs the risk of worsening... [Read More]
The American Lung Association, which tracks air quality in the United States, says the Clean Air Act is working. [Read More]
NASA's Advanced Plant Habitat, which just reached the International Space Station, will allow scientists to grow more edible plants in space than ever before –... [Read More]
A species of African ant has been observed carrying their injured comrades back to the nest so that they may recover, another example of behavior... [Read More]
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