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Suicide Squad 2 may have found a new director to take the franchise off of David Ayer's hands. Here's what we know about the situation. [Read More]
There has been essentially no news on the sequel, although it now appears that a team is being assembled to bring Suicide Squad 2 to... [Read More]
Suicide Squad director David Ayer may have just revealed who will be the main antagonist in Gotham City Sirens. [Read More]
During the 2017 Oscars ceremony, Mel Gibson provided a very exciting update regarding his potential involvement with Suicide Squad 2. This is what he had... [Read More]
It turns out that Suicide Squad almost featured a sequence in which The Joker stole The Batmobile. Here's what we know. [Read More]
David Ayer's Suicide Squad won an Academy Award tonight, but it was an award that it genuinely deserved. [Read More]
Although it's a movie aimed at younger audiences, The LEGO Batman Movie nailed one aspect of Joker that Suicide Squad didn't. [Read More]
Mel Gibson isn't the only director under consideration for Suicide Squad 2, and two awesome filmmakers have officially entered the running as well. [Read More]
Mel Gibson might acually be the perfect choice to step behind the camera and direct Suicide Squad 2 for DC. Here's why. [Read More]
Suicide Squad 2 is one of the many DC movies in development, and Warner Bros now has someone in mind to succeed David Ayer as... [Read More]
John Diggle and the Suicide Squad have made for some of the most exciting episodes of Arrow to date. David Ramsey spoke to CinemaBlend about... [Read More]
A new Suicide Squad fan trailer reimagines the film as a horror movie, and it's way better than the film that we actually got. [Read More]
One of the Suicide Squad actors wants a shot at playing one of Green Lantern Corps' main characters. Get the details ahead! [Read More]
I know that the biggest surprise of the morning has to be our first one, because it now means that David Ayer's much-derided super-villain team... [Read More]
While David Ayer had previously maintained how proud he was of his movie, the director is now opening up about some of his missteps. [Read More]
Half a year after debuting in Suicide Squad as The Joker, Jared Leto has posted some unusual photos connected to the Clown Prince of Crime. [Read More]
Casting Viola Davis as Amanda Waller is about as close to pitch-perfect casting as you can get, and despite the decisive nature of Suicide Squad,... [Read More]
Deadpool and Suicide Squad now share something in common besides being part of the same genre: they're both almost eligible to be nominated in this... [Read More]
There's nothing worse than to hear about a game that was rumored to be in development only for a second rumor to pop up and... [Read More]