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One doesn't need to think America is the root of all evil to understand that our history is replete with moral failures. [Read More]
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Cats, dogs, pet adoption and other pet events in and around Colorado Springs. [Read More]
TV tonight... [Read More]
Troops and rights groups who are suing President Trump and the Pentagon over proposed restrictions on transgender military service may be closer to forcing the... [Read More]
The Senate next week embarks on an unusual strategy that could result in the passage of most of the 2019 federal government spending in one... [Read More]
The U.S. could destroy any country that we needed to. Every world leader knows this. There's no need to preen. [Read More]
Former CIA Director John Brennan blasted President Trump, whom he described as "drunk on power," in an interview Friday following the White House's Wednesday announcement... [Read More]
Former White House strategist Steve Bannon predicted Republicans would lose their majority in the House if the midterm elections were held today instead of November. [Read More]
The repeated media lie that President Trump in 2016 explicitly directed Russia to hack the Democrats' emails got new life thanks to former CIA director... [Read More]
People often advise against "making a federal case" out of minor grievances. Someone in your neighborhood has a noisy dog? By all means mention it... [Read More]
The hit musical "Hamilton" is the rage of the stage these days. But long before it was a glimmer in composer Lin-Manuel Miranda's eye, a... [Read More]
Too often, simple sports matches are described like war. But sometimes, the comparison is actually fitting. [Read More]
The persistent claim by President Trump and his legal team that special counsel Robert Mueller is wasting time and taxpayer dollars investigating possible collusion between... [Read More]
​Colorado's senior senator on a Friday visit to Fort Carson said he's glad the Pentagon has dumped the idea of a November parade for troops... [Read More]