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Sophomore Samantha Boating spent one month in Ghana investigating the rags-to-rivches story of her grandfather. She'll share what she found on Oct. 23, 5:30 in... [Read More]
Professor Susan Verdi Webster combed through massive amounts of archival records in 16th-century Spanish script to detail the lives of artists in colonial Quito, Ecuador,... [Read More]
Chris Carone was recently elected a 2017 Fellow of the American Physical Society. [Read More]
AidData, a 35-person research lab located within William & Mary's Institute for the Theory and Practice of International Relations, has received a $1.5 million grant... [Read More]
Warren Winston '72, the first African-American scholarship athlete at W&M, has accepted the university's invitation to return to campus and take part in Homecoming festivities. [Read More]
For the first time, scientists have directly detected gravitational waves — ripples in space-time — in addition to light from the spectacular collision of two... [Read More]
Every year, the W&M Alumni Association honors a select group of outstanding young faculty members who represent William & Mary at its very best. [Read More]
Five years in the making, AidData's data collection effort has captured more than $350 billion in foreign aid and other forms of state financing that... [Read More]
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