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Police say there is no threat to the public. [Read More]
Baseball fans love to play armchair general manager. So do sportswriters and columnists. [Read More]
Thank you, Randy Wyrick, for your recent article in the July 9 Vail Daily, "I did it my way," about Hannah Geisman, dancing queen. I... [Read More]
According to the Alzheimer's Association's chief scientific officer, Dr. Maria Carrillo, Alzheimer's disease is set to cost the United States $1.1 trillion dollars annually by... [Read More]
Our thanks goes out to the businesses that work with and provide services to our community for their donation of time, merchandise and money to... [Read More]
Recent battles in health care are part of an economic war our nation has fought since its founding. Alexander Hamilton, the first treasury secretary, supported... [Read More]
Editor's note: Find a cited version of this column at counties are the front door to the state's health system, investing significant limited local... [Read More]
As Medicaid expansion costs increase and Obamacare reimbursements decrease, a regional program providing medical transportation may be on the chopping block, advocates say.The Northwest Colorado... [Read More]
Adm. Mike Rogers, the director of the National Security Agency, cast doubt Saturday on the prospect of a Russia-U.S. cybersecurity unit, saying now "is probably not... [Read More]
Dylan Redwine's father was arrested in connection with his son's death Saturday in Washington, Denver7 has confirmed. ... [Read More]
Mark Redwine was arrested Saturday in connection with the November 2012 death... [Read More]
Mark Redwine, whose 13-year-old son Dylan disappeared while visiting him at his home near Vallecito Lake in November of 2012, was arrested on Saturday in... [Read More]
he shooting happened at a home in the area of Fossil Drive and Paradox Drive just before 8 p.m. Friday. ... [Read More]
The grand jury determined that there was probable cause to charge Redwine in connection with his son's death. [Read More]
New documents shed light on the death and disappearance of Dylan Redwine.         ... [Read More]
New documents shed light on the death and disappearance of Dylan Redwine. [Read More]
A fish that federal officials say was once widely known as the "salmon of the southwest" is showing signs of recovering its diminished population in... [Read More]
Last week's column ended as I stood at the doorway of a little motel in Buena Vista, Colorado, watching my son and his friends drive away.... [Read More]
The Department of Interior announced $53 million for high priority maintenance and infrastructure projects at 42 national parks – including $200,000 for Rocky Mountain National... [Read More]
It happened just after 10 a.m. at an apartment in the 2900 block of Airport Road. [Read More]