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If you know me or have heard my stereo system, you know I like-a the bass. But specifically, I like to hear accurate low bass... [Read More]
We in the United States have a media problem. We have a free press protected by the Constitution. Our country has numerous independent reporters, journalists,... [Read More]
Doki Doki Literature Club!From: Team Salvato Rated: NR Who it's for: Fans of quirky horror, especially Japanese horror Console: PC Grade: B+ Cosmic Star... [Read More]
A polar bear who last year denied he was a polar bear has again lashed out against the media following the publication of a book,... [Read More]
One of the great things about anime — aside from the insanely cute magical critters and copious androgynous hotties — is that if you watch... [Read More]
A Boulder crew of dirty old Baby Boomers — who often seek "Fantz in Your Pants" advice — have become my Silver Foxes. [Read More]
About 40 years ago, a few farmers wanted to make a well. They lived in a village just outside Xi'an, a small city in Shaanxi... [Read More]
My birthday is the most important day of the year. It also happens to fall on New Year's Eve. While some folks might get mad... [Read More]
If you are anything like me, you enjoy a walk in open space in Boulder County. [Read More]
I love music, and I love musicians. I grew up in a house full of musicians and as a maestro's son, I bore witness to... [Read More]
In 2018, the U.S. Forest Service will amend the Forest Plan regarding recreational sport shooting on nearby National Forest Service lands. [Read More]
I was 20 and on the wagon following an unfortunate incident involving a shotgun and a chapbook of bad poetry. [Read More]
Happy New Year! I forgot to write this column. I never forget, of course. [Read More]
Two decades ago, I turned 18. I thought I'd go to college, take the world by the balls, write awesome novels and live infamously as... [Read More]
#MeToo. Six characters that unseated politicians, swung elections and disgraced media moguls. Fueled by stories from women and men of sexual... [Read More]
They call New Mexico the "Land of Enchantment," and while nuclear secrets and alien evidence might sound enchanting, I once had an experience that did... [Read More]
As we wind down 2017, a number of important actions happened in December. For example, President Trump and the Republicans passed an abominable tax plan... [Read More]
Marijuana dispensaries line the streets of Colorado cities like liquor stores and pawn shops in bad neighborhoods in every city. [Read More]
A homeless man was found dead on University Hill in Boulder early Christmas morning. [Read More]
I don't like anybody when I first meet them. It's not that I'm not friendly. [Read More]