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The modern bagel is most likely of Polish origin. [Read More]
Just a couple weeks ago, I mentioned in this column how Cottontown Brew Lab was hustling extra hard with beer pairing events at restaurants and... [Read More]
The Zoe's Kitchen located at 1320 Main St., on the ground floor of the Meridian Building, has been temporarily closed since Aug, 6, according to... [Read More]
After being a self-insured entity for more than three decades, the City of Columbia is now going to move to the state's health insurance plan. [Read More]
An audit released Friday shows that embattled Fifth Circuit Solicitor Dan Johnson and aide Nicole Holland charged more than $43,000 in personal expenses to the... [Read More]
In recent years 701 Whaley has become one of the city's go-to locations for events, parties, receptions, meetings, political rallies and more. [Read More]
Indah Coffee, the popular coffee roaster with the hip shop on Sumter Street in the Cottontown neighborhood, is expanding onto Main Street. They'll be opening... [Read More]
A man is suing the Greenville County Sheriff's Office after he appeared on the TV show Live PD. According to The Greenville News, Javonte Hall... [Read More]
Former Republican state Rep. Jim Harrison could go to trial in October in reference to charges he faces in Special Prosecutor David Pascoe's State House... [Read More]
Longtime Columbia artist Laura Spong, who died Monday at 92, was a dedicated abstractionist who stuck to a rigorous work schedule in a career that... [Read More]
Swamp Cabbage Brewing will be hosting its Four Year Anniversary Celebration this Sunday, Aug. 19, from 1 to 7 p.m. There will be live music... [Read More]
We all now know about the hot-shot, big-dog, blind-eye corporate execs at SCANA (and Santee Cooper) who kept us in the dark about the failing... [Read More]
This information comes from local police reports. It does not mean anyone is guilty. This is not a court of law. [Read More]
Views expressed are those of our readers, not us. Need to get something off your chest? Leave a message with your rant or rave at... [Read More]
I was surprised to read in Chris Trainor's article "Next Scene: The Nickelodeon Theater is in Transition" (cover story, Aug. 8) that the chairman of... [Read More]
Find live music, karaoke, trivia and more in the club calendar. [Read More]
Back in September 1992, the first two musical events hosted at Williams-Brice Stadium came in unexpectedly rapid succession. [Read More]
Do the Right Thing,... [Read More]
Ignore, for a moment, the Mad Hatter-meets-WillyWonka getup (complete with top hat) that Secret Agent 23 Skidoo wears on stage. Push past the audience of... [Read More]
Even though its early August, Oktoberfest beers are now arriving at local retailers and grocery stores. For this review, I decided to conduct a side-by-side... [Read More]
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