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A prosecutor jumped into action when a victim suffered a wardrobe malfunction before a Nov. 26 trial. [Read More]
Ohio's infant mortality rate remains higher than the national average. The rate of African-American babies dying before their first birthdays is three times that of... [Read More]
Departing Ohio Gov. John Kasich seemingly wants it both ways.The Trump-bashing Republican, long in demand on TV political talk shows, thinks it "likely" he will... [Read More]
Columbus City Council on Monday approved a 5 percent tax on tickets with a last minute amendment carving out most non-profits. The proposal will support... [Read More]
A project that will leverage technology to make roads safer and smarter is underway in Central Ohio. Connecting vehicles to each other and... [Read More]
ESPN programming often panders to the leagues to which it has paid rights fees. That said, the mothership still does many things well — and... [Read More]
Records released Monday by the Powell Police Department show the complexities in bringing charges related to domestic violence allegations against former Ohio State wide receivers... [Read More]
An alarming new report on the potential effects of climate change set off the predictable shouting match about who's lying to the public more — climate... [Read More]
Wayne Melton operates a 267-square-foot hair salon decorated with 436 nutcrackers.That's 1.63 nutcrackers per square foot. And they're not all the military, mustachioed variety of... [Read More]
Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit... [Read More]
Police have charged three people with murder in connection to the death of a California man found buried under 20 pounds of concrete in Ohio.Cleveland... [Read More]
Social media site Tumblr announced porn is banned on the website, starting December 17. The announcement triggered a wave of criticism from users and questions... [Read More]
It's a balmy 27 degrees when I wander down to the Scioto River to hop into one of Ohio's first self-driving shuttles. The green-and-white, six-person... [Read More]
Smoky Mountain Espresso Coffee and Tea in Sevierville, Tennessee has joined the group of independent coffee shops, cafes and bakeries supported by Columbus, Ohio coffee... [Read More]
An Illinois teenager has complained to police that his ex-girlfriend intentionally burned his head while straightening his hair.On Thursday, a 19-year-old Peoria man told police... [Read More]
"Individual-1" has a singular problem: His own Justice Department says he directed a crime.Late Friday, U.S. prosecutors — ordinary prosecutors, not the ones working for... [Read More]
For the first time, Columbus is about to limit the size of campaign contributions to candidates for city offices.Early in 2019, city council is expected... [Read More]
How is it possible that three years ago the Ohio State Liquor Agency paid $21 million for a new system only to replace it just... [Read More]
I respond to the Sunday letter "Why didn't President Trump recite the Apostles' Creed?" The writer closes with the question, "Isn't refusing this fundamental Christian... [Read More]