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JPMorgan Chase & Co. will hold a job fair on Friday to fill 200 openings for telephone customer-service positions.adcelannotate =... [Read More]
Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine says his office is suing a Columbus man, who is accused of failing to deliver home-improvement services that he advertised on Craigslist.adcelannotate =... [Read More]
The seventh annual Columbus Winter Beerfest is coming to the Greater Columbus Convention Center Jan. 20-21. The festival will feature more than 450 beers from 130 breweries.adcelannotate =... [Read More]
home of the Fort Sill military base... [Read More]
A Columbus jazz radio station has received its broadcast license from the Federal Communications Commission, providing central Ohio its only full-time outlet for the genre. WSAX-LP (98.5 FM) received the license on Thursday... [Read More]
Buoyed by the generosity of deceased donors, organ transplants across the United States reached a record high in 2016, for the fourth year in a row. Preliminary numbers released recently by the United... [Read More]
As Congress begins debate on repeal of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), I suggest that each member voluntarily forgo their own health coverage for one year. Sometimes walking in the shoes of another... [Read More]
The recent clamor over the EpiPen overpricing story drew everyone's attention to excessive drug pricing. Donald Trump's comments at his recent press conference about drug industry price gouging (pharma is "getting away with... [Read More]
In her Thursday letter, "National health care is solution," Sharon Mech decries our system "... because we are the only industrialized nation in the world without national health insurance." Be careful what you... [Read More]
Sarah Reinhard probably prayed at least half of the rosary during her last pregnancy. During her silent prayers, her doula was by her side. "She kind of took the weight off the worries... [Read More]
Today, we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and remember his legacy of love and equality. As health commissioner, I am drawn to his inspirational quote: "Of all the forms of inequality, injustice... [Read More]
I am writing on behalf of my local community of friends and neighbors who are concerned with what may be happening to our country. Donald Trump is our president-elect and we wish him... [Read More]
Early this week, Kentucky's Governor Matt Bevin signed legislation making the Bluegrass State the 27th state to have a "right to work" law. Right-to-work laws allow workers to decide whether or not they... [Read More]
The Republicans are going to try to replace Obamacare. They're probably going to agree to cover everybody Obama covered, thus essentially granting the Democratic point that health care is a right. But they... [Read More]
Local governments in western Licking County have started planning for a shared vision for the area's future. The Western Licking County Accord aims to bring together Johnstown, New Albany and Jersey Township leaders... [Read More]
The taxman has good news and bad news for Franklin County property owners: Tax bills are likely going up, but then again, so is the worth of their investment. Not wishing to give... [Read More]
The Andersons Inc. announced on Sunday that it will exit the retail business and close its remaining four retail stores in the second quarter of 2017. The retail closings will not effect the... [Read More]
Utah has never been a drinker's paradise. Most residents belong to the Mormon Church, which forbids the use of alcohol, and the state has notoriously strict liquor laws. Beer on tap at a... [Read More]
Growing up black in a predominantly white neighborhood in upstate New York in the 1950s and '60s, Johannes Christian revered the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. He watched all of King's speeches on... [Read More]
Coyotes are on the prowl across Ohio, including in its cities, putting some people on edge about letting their pets out at night to do their business. Residents in Fairfield County posted cautionary... [Read More]
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