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A new software patch to fix a cybersecurity weakness in pacemakers has raised a dilemma among doctors and patients: Is the fix worth the risk? [Read More]
Imagine driving down the road minding your own business when suddenly your car brakes sharply on its own. Or your steering wheel veers wildly toward... [Read More]
Lawyer acting for John Leslie, Ralf Little and Chantelle Houghton claims Trinity Mirror board took steps to cover up hacking... [Read More]
For security pros, spambots are known enemies. For the uninitiated, they are unknown entities. And yet they proliferate like ants at a picnic or teens... [Read More]
 I think I'm on the fourth version of the same credit card.Periodically, someone steals the number and charges merchandise at places I don't frequent.  So... [Read More]
Guest: Orange County, CA Registrar of Voters, Neal Kelley, member of new DHS Election Infrastructure Coordinating Council... On today's BradCast: Accurate reporting... [Read More]
New 'Sockbot' malware has 'highly flexible proxy topology' that might be leveraged for a variety of nefarious purposes. [Read More]
Proposed federal legislation would authorize companies to actively pursue and identify cyber-attackers, but the issue is complex and critics question whether proponents can craft a... [Read More]
CEOs describe how their fledgling ventures will revolutionize user training, privacy, identity management and embedded system security. [Read More]
CSO India had an intriguing chat with Joergen Jakobsen, senior vice president and managing director, APJ Sales, Sophos on the company's big focus to steer... [Read More]
Sophisticated backdoor re-emerges as a RAT more than a decade after its 2004 public release, with updated advanced malicious functionality. [Read More]
As the rate of HTTPS adoption grows faster by the day, it's only a matter of time before a majority of websites turn on SSL.... [Read More]
A handful of smartwatches designed to keep children safe have vulnerabilities hackers can exploit, a watchdog in Norway has found. [Read More]
Tanium CEO Orion Hindawi doesn't want his customers to focus their efforts on fixing the things they actually can control, to help improve... [Read More]
Consumer experts have revealed that strangers can access the watches, which parents use to call youngsters, to spy on children. As a result, the hi-tech... [Read More]
Avast looks great, performs well, and has all kinds of extra features. It's also expensive. [Read More]
Norton Security Premium has a great interface and is highly-rated for antivirus and malware protection. However, you'll shell out quite a bit more for it... [Read More]
While Windows 10's native security suite can handle threats, many third-party solutions offer more comprehensive protection. [Read More]
AVG Internet Security could do better with its interface, but the protection is good and the pricing includes unlimited device installs. [Read More]
Two major players announced cross-border payment networks built on blockchain technologies Monday, and more financial services will follow soon, ... [Read More]
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