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It is the first known instance of a living witness emerging from the arid mass of technical detail that has so far shaped the investigation... [Read More]
While HBO is in the throes of its ongoing battle with hackers that have stolen some sensitive information, one star of its most popular show... [Read More]
HBO just can't catch a break. The cable network got hacked again, though this time, the perpetrators targeted its social media accounts. A hacker group... [Read More]
Several of HBO's Twitter accounts were briefly taken over by a hacker or hackers claiming to be the notorious OurMine Team. [Read More]
An image of a tweet appearing Wednesday night on HBO's main Twitter account. HBO told NBC News late Wednesday only that "we are investigating."... [Read More]
He's Ukrainian and he goes by the name "Profexer." [Read More]
The hacker, known only by his online alias "Profexer," kept a low profile. He wrote computer code alone in an apartment and quietly sold his... [Read More]
"Profexor" turns self in to Ukrainian authorities, assists FBI in DNC hack investigation. [Read More]
The public perception of hacking involves a shadowy figure in a hoodie hunched over a laptop, tapping furiously while a waterfall of glowing green text... [Read More]
NHS hospitals are at risk of further devastating cyber attacks because staff are using "very weak" passwords, a new report reveals. [Read More]
Ariana Grande's Twitter hacker may have said some harsh words while they had access to the "Dangerous Woman" singer's account almost two weeks ago, but... [Read More]
Every cell phone user has their conversations, pictures, intimate text messages and plenty of other stuff has been splattered all over the internet. So, invasion... [Read More]
"We can't find any secretaries of state who say they have been told they are part of this list of 'targeted' states." [Read More]
The left wing "The Nation" knocks the Russian DNC hack narrative down for the count. [Read More]
Novato police are trying to identify three men involved in an ATM tampering incident at a gas station in Ignacio.The incident occurred at about 9... [Read More]
Judge says LinkedIn's reading of hacking law would have troubling consequences. [Read More]
Security awareness vendor KnowBe4 surveyed IT professionals' views on new NIST guidance that advocates the use of longer passwords. [Read More]
Phishing and malware campaign looked like the work of a cyber criminal gang -- but researchers have tracked it back to a lone attacker in... [Read More]
The man who brought an end to the devastating WannaCry cyber attack is accused of building malware to steal banking details... [Read More]
In a Milwaukee federal courthouse, Marcus Hutchins refutes the charges that he created the Kronos banking trojan. [Read More]