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Inspired by a report that an Apple logo appeared atop the company's under-construction North Michigan Avenue store, making it resemble a giant laptop, I did... [Read More]
A snatch-and-grab robbery has employees at a Scottsdale Apple store on alert. On Friday at about 2 p.m., thieves stole multiple devices from the... [Read More]
"Transformers: The Last Night," the franchise's fifth installment from Paramount, took a nose dive with critics as the film made its theatrical debut Wednesday. In... [Read More]
Apple is moving forward with efforts to build out its health products team with the recent hire of a top Stanford doctor who headed up... [Read More]
A software error that occurred during the administration of the math portion of the ISTEP+ assessment has affected 25 students in the area. [Read More]
A new Threats Report from McAfee Labs reveals that malware targeting Apple's Mac platform is on the rise. Not only that, but the cumulative number of... [Read More]
A phishing email scam is making the rounds purporting to be from a tax software education provider. [Read More]
An anonymous reader writes: "WikiLeaks dumped today the manuals of several hacking utilities part of Brutal Kangaroo, a CIA malware toolkit for hacking into air-gapped... [Read More]
VR World has a feel as if it could be the setting of a futuristic heist film, especially since it's tucked away in an unassuming... [Read More]
With all the emphasis on the health risks of obesity, you may think a few extra pounds are harmless, but new research shows otherwise. A study found... [Read More]
Search Engine Land is the leading industry source for daily, must-read news and in-depth analysis about search engine technology. [Read More]
Read more about BlackBerry misses forecasts; Q1 sales down 5% on weak software services biz on Business Standard. Shares were down by 13% in trade... [Read More]
Email addresses and passwords belonging to ministers of the British cabinet, ambassadors and police officers were stolen and sold online by Russian hackers, the ... [Read More]
The Apple Watch still doesn't track sleep and its battery isn't great. With its upcoming smartwatch, Fitbit could capitalize on those issues. [Read More]
If Apple Maps is your navigation tool of choice and you prefer avoiding toll roads, staying off the highways, or both, it's easy to tweak... [Read More]
The Apple Store in Chicago is about to open in a new location, with a new look that you'll probably recognize. The building is designed... [Read More]
The new Apple store under construction in Chicago looks just like a MacBook. [Read More]
Apparently, we are a country that loves to sit inside and marathon watch "The Handmaid's Tale." A new study revealed that activity levels in America... [Read More]
Investigation found older-generation routers used by Virgin Media are vulnerable to hacking. The company advises customers to change passwords.        ... [Read More]
North Korea has long used Photoshop to prop up their repressive regime with altered images. But experts have recently pointed out that the authoritarian government has also... [Read More]