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Late Monday night, a hacking group revealed the login credentials of thousands of Spotify accounts. In its announcement on Twitter, the Leak Boat said it... [Read More]
Katie McGrath revealed that her promotion to series regular for Season 3 of "Supergirl" was something she never expected. [Read More]
Dubuque Community School District leaders are looking for ways to expand the reach of summer reading opportunities for younger students at a time when additional... [Read More]
Autumn Snyder, late daughter of prominent filmmaker Zack Snyder died by suicide March 12.  Her saddening death prompted her father to step down from his... [Read More]
In the letter, the government demanded personal information on a customer, Apple says... [Read More]
In its latest report on government requests for user information, Apple on Monday said the U.S. government lodged at least one national security letter last... [Read More]
Apple has launched a new 'Switch' website in a bid to convince Android users that iPhones are better than Google-powered handsets. [Read More]
Dubuque Community School District Superintendent Stan Rheingans discusses the district's conversations around the future of its summer reading programming. [Read More]
Numerous meter re-readings, incorrect late penalties, time-consuming work orders, and signs of frustration marked the weeks leading up to Elizabeth City abandoning its utility software... [Read More]
Major (Robert Buckley) and Justin (Tongayi Chirisa) may get suspended from work in Season 3, episode 8 of "iZombie." [Read More]
Kendall and Kylie Jenner are making waves in the fashion industry thanks to their lifestyle collection and clothing line Kendall+Kylie. [Read More]
Director Zack Snyder was determined to complete the highly anticipated "Justice League" movie for this year's November release, starring Ben Affleck as Batman, Gal Gadot... [Read More]
Common tools, techniques, and infrastructure make link "highly likely." [Read More]
The Miracle Kids Success Academy has found a way to spend more time with their clients while better protecting them at the same time. [Read More]
Instagram has started rolling out a new feature called "archive" that offers users an alternative when deciding whether or not to delete a post. Users delete their... [Read More]
Seal Software, der führende Anbieter im Bereich Befunde und Analysen für Verträge, gab heute seine Aufnahme in die Liste „50 Comp... [Read More]
Authorities demanded data from twice as many Macs, iPhones, iPads in the second-half of last year than the first-half, despite fewer overall requests. [Read More]
It's no secret that the "Jane the Virgin" cast are all really good friends, but lead star Gina Rodriguez considers this person as her true... [Read More]
Tyler Hoechlin is hoping to reprise his role as Superman in Season 3 of "Supergirl." [Read More]
Summer baseball set to begin soon... [Read More]