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Northeastern women's hockey coach Dave Flint knows what to look for when selecting a team captain. He leans on his players for feedback when it's... [Read More]
After hitting a four-game slide, the Bow High hockey team is pulling itself back up with a pair of wins in its last three games.The... [Read More]
Brad Marchand scored in the fourth round of a shootout, and the Boston Bruins beat Montreal, 4-3, on Saturday night after the Canadiens lost Phillip... [Read More]
I read with interest John Meinhold's opinion piece about white privilege that appeared in the Monitor on Dec. 14. Meinhold complained about the treatment of... [Read More]
VA problemsI always follow with interest the news on the various VA hospital events in New Hampshire and Vermont, being a veteran and consumer of... [Read More]
Poor judgmentI am disappointed in the Monitor's lack of judgment and lack of taste in publishing both the actual word s---hole and the photo accompanying... [Read More]
Trump and resolutionsIt is 2018, and Donald Trump is still president and the United States is prospering. President Trump has accomplished more in one year... [Read More]
More Trump racismThe newest genius statement from our president should come as no surprise. The comments of racism have been coming from Donald Trump long... [Read More]
Nothing good about SB 193Contrary to its supporters' claims, school vouchers like those proposed in Senate Bill 193 do not improve educational outcomes. The effect... [Read More]
Pass contraception billI'm writing to support Senate Bill 421, legislation that would provide 12 months of birth control in one pharmacy visit. I'm sharing my... [Read More]
Shotgun weddingsThe huge 1937 photo of Homer Peel kissing the little girl he married (Monitor Forum, Jan. 11) gratified and repulsed me: I'm grateful for... [Read More]
After a tumultuous few months that saw numerous lawmakers accused of sexual misconduct, a majority of state legislatures across the country are considering strengthening sexual... [Read More]
As a chilly Saturday morning aged into the afternoon, a ringing chant could be heard in the south end of Concord's downtown."My body!" Dalia Vidunas,... [Read More]
The vote was conclusive: 184-162 in favor of Senate Bill 193, a transformative proposal to allow eligible parents to use state funds for private education.... [Read More]
Windsor — Officials have closed roads in Newport, Windsor and Cornish today in response to flooding associated with the January thaw that began with Friday night's... [Read More]
More than three months after Hurricane Maria savaged Puerto Rico, medical providers in New Hampshire, like their counterparts around the country, are still scrambling to... [Read More]
Michele Holt-Shannon is no stranger to viral Facebook threads about race.Holt-Shannon, the co-director of an interactive civics initiative at UNH called New Hampshire Listens, said... [Read More]
The Houston Astros already had two Cy Young winners on their staff. They're hoping Gerrit Cole can make it three.The World Series champions boosted their... [Read More]
Eric MacAdams is the kind of player that University of New Hampshire men's hockey coach Dick Umile gets excited about.The freshman forward from Salem, Mass.,... [Read More]
The air felt like spring, and the snow conditions allowed for just one slalom run, but that was all the Concord High boys' Alpine team... [Read More]