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The state Senate voted 23-13 Thursday night to pass and send to the House of Representatives a bill requiring greater scrutiny of jailhouse witnesses. [Read More]
Increases in submarine production and F-35s win preliminary approval, but a Senate panel cuts the number of Sikorsky Black Hawks. [Read More]
More than half of House of Representatives' Democratic majority want a tax hike on the rich in the next budget. [Read More]
Ethan's Law was one of three gun bills to win final passage Thursday. [Read More]
The dramatically expanded proposal would establish a state-sponsored plan for individuals and small businesses that don't have employer-subsidized coverage. [Read More]
As the plan to consolidate Connecticut's public colleges moves forward, there is one thing the Board of Regents must do: take some remedial history courses.... [Read More]
As someone who quite enjoys empowering people to think critically, I have found this quote by Soren Kierkegaard to be ever the more relevant as... [Read More]
Even though we are about to enter the summer months, ensuring that New England is prepared for the cold months down the road with enough... [Read More]
The elective class would become part of every district's high school curriculum starting in 2021. The bill now goes to the Senate. [Read More]
If a new federal infrastructure bill gives Connecticut more transportation money, the state would be hard pressed to come up with its match. [Read More]
The veto threat rift exposed a fundamental tension in Gov. Ned Lamont's politics: He is a labor ally from the world of business, where government... [Read More]
In Southwest CT, the gap between rich and poor is wider than anywhere else in the country. Invisible walls block affordable housing and, by extension,... [Read More]
Gov. Ned Lamont's goal of completing his first state budget on time could be stymied by his reluctance to order taxes aimed specifically at Connecticut's... [Read More]
Electronic driving taxes (a.k.a. "tolls") are a bad idea for numerous reasons. The push for tolls in Connecticut is based on the false premise that... [Read More]
Bills limiting use of plastic straws and single-use plastic bags also advance. [Read More]
The rule allows health care workers to refuse medical treatment to people, even during emergencies, on religious or moral grounds. [Read More]
Named after a Guilford teen who accidentally shot himself at a friend's home, Ethan's Law has a good chance in the U.S. House, but not... [Read More]
Gov. Ned Lamont said Tuesday his focus for the final two weeks of session is the budget, not tolls. [Read More]
Imagine the following scenario: You're a single parent, working full-time at a big-box store. You return home at the end of a long afternoon shift... [Read More]
The issue of whether to impose tolls on Connecticut's highways has inspired a lot of comment from residents, both pro and con. Here is a... [Read More]