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Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski is challenging his many opponents to drop out of the voluntary public financing program that pays qualifying candidates $1.25 million... [Read More]
One of the great ironies in politics is that the election of a Republican president has injected uncertainty into what had seemed to be an... [Read More]
Inmates released in 2014 were arrested, convicted and sentenced for new crimes at lower rates than past groups, continuing a positive trend in those post-prison... [Read More]
The massacre of 17 people at a Florida high school cast another shadow of grief, disgust, frustration and anger over the nation last week. For... [Read More]
New Haven State Rep. Juan Candelaria got to see firsthand last week the face of opposition to his proposal to legalize recreational use of marijuana:... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's new budget proposal flirts with combating high prescription drug prices, but industry watchers say the tweaks to Medicare and Medicaid do little... [Read More]
Both of California's health insurance regulators said they will investigate how Hartford-based Aetna Inc. makes coverage decisions, as the lawsuit of a California man who... [Read More]
The State Bond Commission approved financing Friday for a wide array of economic development initiatives and the first wave of relief for homeowners struggling with... [Read More]
While the administration has not refused to release the Town Aid Roads grant payments, it has warned that funding could be stalled until legislators stabilize... [Read More]
Over the more than five years since Sandy Hook, the governor of Connecticut has acted as the Cassandra of gun control, the angry prophet destined... [Read More]
James Wadleigh, CEO of Connecticut's health insurance exchange, Access Health CT, will step down from his post in April. He has worked at Access Health... [Read More]
Frustration over the state's funding of charter schools boiled over Wednesday when the State Board of Education rejected on principle the state budget's allocation of... [Read More]
Are people wary about registering to vote for fear of identity theft? Do victims of domestic violence refuse to register once they move to escape... [Read More]
New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart, a Republican who had kept her distance from President Trump, accepted an invitation Wednesday to the Oval Office to publicize... [Read More]
After failing for years to properly invest in highways, rail and bridges, the legislature should relinquish oversight to a transportation authority immune from the pressure... [Read More]