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I've been working to fix and strengthen our government's Buy American requirements since I first got to Congress, but now I've got powerful new partners... [Read More]
Op-ed: Contrary to President Trump's assertion, Africa sends it's best educated people to the U.S. with a average level than native-born Americans. [Read More]
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The voice on the other end of the phone Friday belonged to Voghens Larrieux, a New London High grad and native of what we learned... [Read More]
Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy (D) flew the Haitian flag at the governor's residence on Friday, one day after President Trump reportedly ... [Read More]
The Connecticut Senate's Republican leader, who had resolved not to be drawn into the controversies regularly generated by President Trump, called Friday for the president... [Read More]
First 2018 cabinet meeting First on camera words out of President Trump's mouth were, "Welcome to the show." Indeed, .... "the show." This... [Read More]
DACA recipients in limbo after President Trump rejects a bipartisan plan Thursday to grant citizenship to undocumented immigrants brought to…... [Read More]
President Donald Trump has questioned why the U.S. should permit more immigrants from... [Read More]
The intensity of the political left's disdain for President Trump seemingly knows no bounds. Case in point: The recent encouraging news from the Korean peninsula.Jan.... [Read More]
I think the first new Atlantic oil rig should be positioned off the coast of Mar-a-Lago so President Trump will have a perfect view.Mike TerryEast... [Read More]
President Trump describes himself as a "stable genius." People surveyed by the Quinnipiac Poll say he is intelligent but he's not level head…... [Read More]
The Yale psych professor who has repeatedly diagnosed President Trump with a "mental impairment" appears to lack a valid license in Connecticut. [Read More]
President Trump met with a bipartisan group of lawmakers on Wednesday to discuss immigration and border security. [Read More]
Stan Horzepa's Jan. 5 letter, "'Snowflake' writer Brown exposes her short memory," in response to Susan Stamper Brown's Jan. 1 column about how left-wing snowfla…... [Read More]
Recently, many Americans have become emboldened to discuss the matter of President Trump's mental competence because Michael Wolff's instant best-seller, "Fire and Fury," quotes former... [Read More]
Op-ed: President Trump should dump the alt-right along with Steve Bannon, both of which have been dragging him down, says Marc A. Thiessen. [Read More]
Op-ed: President Trump's effort to stop publicatoin of Michael Wolff's book is an ugly assault on the First Amendment, says Cass Sunstein. [Read More]
Two of the many things I like about President Trump are "See those guys over there? if any one of them becomes president they will... [Read More]