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I shielded my eyes from the sun to get a better look at the ocean; rolling and blue, it was breaking across a halo of... [Read More]
Graceful 80-foot-tall pine trees line the streets of tiny Lanai (Lah-na-ee) City. The trees, imported from the Cook Islands in the South Pacific, lend a... [Read More]
There are no high-rises, no chain stores, no McDonald's, not even a stoplight. [Read More]
The Cook Islands have the sun and sand and aqua waters you've always associated with the South Pacific. [Read More]
The Cook Islands will take another step away from fossil fuels with help from a South Canterbury company. [Read More]
The Cook Islands government has sold another 100 days worth of fishing to US purse seiners. The deal between the two countries struck last month... [Read More]
Kia Orana, said Cook Islands tourism ambassador Nane Papa, meeting my husband Nevil and me at Rarotonga airport. Get in that queue, indicating a shorter... [Read More]
Scientists from the University of South Wales in Australia studied several species of blenny fish - often referred to as blennies - in Rarotonga, which... [Read More]
The festival, the largest Pacific Island cultural festival in the world, takes place at Western Springs Park on Saturday, 25 and Sunday, 26 March. ... [Read More]
Predicting things is hard. I once had a pretty sweet run when it came to Survivor predictions, correctly selecting three straight winners in a row... [Read More]
Cook Islands hire company suffers 90 per cent drop in revenue, after new scooter licensing law is introduced. [Read More]
Artist Michel Tuffery and the New Zealand High Commissioner to the Cook Islands, Nick Hurley, explain what's being created for the RSA Cemetery in Rarotonga. [Read More]
Utulei Youth is in Tonga to represent American Samoa at the OFC Champions League qualifiers from Jan. 28-Feb. 3, 2017. The 22-man team, headed by... [Read More]
The nine-day tour includes training matches against the likes of Auckland and Counties Manukau as well as a one-day tournament featuring the Cook Islands... [Read More]
Air date: Sat., Jan. 28, 7:30 pm... [Read More]
A vast ocean, a cluster of tiny islands and deep down on the sea-bed a modern-day treasure. The Cook Islands in the South Pacific are... [Read More]
"So how's your day going?" asked the post office lady as I bought some colourful Cook Islands postage stamps. The way she... [Read More]
"So how's your day going?" asked the post office lady as I bought some colorful Cook Islands postage stamps (I'm very analog and love sending... [Read More]
Two friendly mutts, Kuri and Sam, pawed their way through the sand outside Vaima Polynesian Bar and Restaurant, stopping... [Read More]