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Sunday, October 14, 2018 at 10:56 PM
Two years ago, while sitting on a roof in Collegetown, I saw a girl run barefoot down Catherine Street holding an open handle of Absolut... [Read More]
As election season is starting to heat up, the political conversations I have are fading into a haze. The same talking points are repeated with... [Read More]
"Mr. President, are you a racist?"It took six years and a group of the world's most brilliant scientists to develop a nuke that would bring... [Read More]
Ruby: Man, that was wild. It's going to be hard to get that image of the demon with a knife where his dick is supposed... [Read More]
From The Wizard of Oz to Harry Potter, "My Old Cornell" to John Lennon, the Cornell Chimes celebrated its birthday with music spanning across its... [Read More]
On Thursday, the Student Assembly approved a resolution to grant the Chinese Students Association $4,000 from the special projects fund for their annual Mid-Autumn Festival... [Read More]
Amidst the Homecoming festivities that took place on Saturday, a 100 year memorial service was held for Corporal Morgan Smiley Baldwin 1915, an officer who... [Read More]
CJC plans to attend a public hearing at the Ithaca Town Hall on Tuesday and submit the comments from its petition to the Ithaca Planning... [Read More]
The Frontera supercomputer, which has a $60-million budget from the National Science Foundation, is expected to be deployed in 2019. [Read More]
You may have first seen Cel Shading in 2013 with the premiere of RWBY, an "American Anime" aimed at both American and Japanese anime fans.... [Read More]
I'm not the type of person who watches one movie after another on long-haul flights, and usually spend the better part of the sixteen hours... [Read More]
Playing Yale close is a nice effort, but enough of these moral victories, columnist Charles Cotton argues. [Read More]
"Although I don't want to get in the habit of going behind in games, it does show a great level of mental toughness and belief. [Read More]
Visit the post for more. [Read More]
A year removed from its worst loss of the season against Yale, Cornell couldn't get it done this time around against the Bulldogs on Homecoming. [Read More]
Follow along as Cornell tries to make a statement in a Homecoming contest against Yale. [Read More]
Tomorrow's homecoming events are expected to continue as planned, the University announced on Twitter. [Read More]
In a stunning reversal of Cornell's own internal investigation conducted just last year, a faculty committee has found Prof. Brian Wansink guilty of "academic misconduct."... [Read More]
"There was no fraud, no intentional misreporting, no plagiarism, or no misappropriation," he said, writing from Iowa. [Read More]
Ryan said she poses questions to Trump to ensure the government transparency she believes is crucial to fulfill the people's right to information. [Read More]